Too adorable

I may need to order this sweatershirt.

The Twelve Months till Christmas group over at Ravelry has started off with a bang. Wow. The last count was 238. Impressive to me as I thought for sure everyone would be tired of knitting/crafting for the holidays. Being ready for next year is the ticket.

 With the snow that was falling today, I enabled the “snow” extra with wordpress…snow will be around till January 2nd.


Knit All Year KAL


I think I answered my own question whether we should do a blog or not. I say “no” as there is a very nice KAL available. I will stick with the Ravelry group. Best not to spread oneself too thin.

For those that are members of Ravelry, I started a group over there to get it going.

I have a blog saved for this as well.  Is there anyone out there on the great wide web that wants both up and running or should we just stick with Ravelry?

Let me know!

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Rustic Elegant Tie

000_00162.jpgI present todays finished object:

Pattern:  Rustic Elegant Tie from Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery
Started: 9-13-07
Completed: 12-23-07
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, Red (about half a skein, maybe a bit more)
Needles:  US Size 3
Made for me!
I plan to wear this on Christmas and maybe New Year’s Eve at the neighbors.

Are you thinking I am mad/crazy/loosing it?

 I have been thinking about this for a few days and decided to put it out there for you.  I would love your feedback on if a “Twelve Months Till Christmas” Craft-along (knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet, etc) would be worth arranging.

My thoughts were: 

      1. How do we use up our stash
      2. Stop over-consumerism
      3. Feel good about what we make and give
      4. Learn from each other and gleam ideas too.
      5.  Be ready by November.

I started to knit everyone socks last summer.  That was short lived.  I managed to get four pair from my time.  I want to give gifts to my co-workers, last count was 21.  This year, not being ready, I did the “Merry Kissmas” tags and made bags of all sorts of holiday Hershey Kisses.  I was thinking mini sock ornaments next year.

Then there is always the neighbors, the kids, the close friends.

Ok, knitter and crafters, what do you think?  Should I moderate a craft-along for this?  Should we try to make a project or two each month?  Should we do swaps with in the months (cards, yarn, patterns)?

Two days to get me your thoughts….
Happy Holidays and safe shopping to you!

Ah, the every nagging SSS (second sock syndrome) has been on my mind.  I will NOT let SSS get the best of me.  I have one sock completed and the second one is now a good 2 inches into the leg.  I will push forward, I WILL get this sock done, THIS WEEKEND!  I will overcome SSS.

 I know, who am I fooling? 

 Seriously, with a four day weekend for the Christmas holiday just ahead and an hour or two in the local coffee shop knitting with other knitters, this really should not be a problem.

 I have other stockings I want to get started.    A bit of yarn petting never hurt anyone, right?

Holiday Swap 2007


A package arrived today from Canada.
This is from my Holiday Swap 2007 pal, through Ravelry.
Such fun to be had…bath fizzies & salts, chocolates, teas,
a very handy and I will try to make this, Hemp Bag pattern
that will go with the hemp yarn she sent.  I can sit back, have
a cup of tea, eat my chocolates, enjoy the candle and then, dive
into the chocolate liquors. Nummy.

Thank you Kim, you sent a fantastic package.