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Go Vikings! That’s WWU Vikings!

Tomorrow morning, the girls and I will take the Tahoe and J will drive his 87′ Honda Accord, following behind, heading North to WWU!

J is now a Sophmore. J has a girlfriend, E, which by the way, the girls and I just adore, though she can be as quiet as a churchmouse at times. J and E have plans to stay in Bellingham after this year is out and get a flat together. J and E are in lllooovveee.

So, I believe this will be the last time J moves home for the summer. I could be wrong, plans can change, but I have a feeling that it will all work out in the end.

Last year, I didn’t cry until the following Monday at work after driving J to WWU for his first year. I was too weary from 5+ hours of driving round trip that day, the weekend just slipped past me, feeling numb.

This year, no tears, as the girls and I will stay up in Bellingham after we get him settled into his new dorm room. We have reservations, plan a shopping trip down in Old Fairhaven District where the Wool Station and this fabulous used bookstore are situated across the street from each other and if we can manage it, take in the first football game for the Vikings.

Sunday, the girls and I will take part in the continental breakfast to be served and then head home, rested and a bit of a vacation under out belt.

Uh, yeah, knitting. I have my Ravelry Scarf Exchange scarf to take with me and oh, probably three or four other little projects incase I get bored.


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