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It’s cold, it’s windy and maybe, just maybe, I need to start this.  It would have been a welcomed warmth as I didn’t start the woodstove tonight, running around feeding the chickens, dinner for the girls and I, then my book got in the way.  

 I haven’t knit too much into this new year, having been engrossed in a book.  A few rows here and there at lunch, but nothing that put any length onto the sock.  I HAD to read my book.

Ravelry is such a great place to meet other knitters. I received a message from one member and a hot water bottle was mentioned for aches and pains. Ah-ha. Where is mine. Must find it. It needs a sweater.

So…while after I finish my second sock, I will be stash busting for my hot water bottle.    Thanks to Five Senses for the idea.


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Ah, the every nagging SSS (second sock syndrome) has been on my mind.  I will NOT let SSS get the best of me.  I have one sock completed and the second one is now a good 2 inches into the leg.  I will push forward, I WILL get this sock done, THIS WEEKEND!  I will overcome SSS.

 I know, who am I fooling? 

 Seriously, with a four day weekend for the Christmas holiday just ahead and an hour or two in the local coffee shop knitting with other knitters, this really should not be a problem.

 I have other stockings I want to get started.    A bit of yarn petting never hurt anyone, right?

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Knitty Summer 07′ is out

I want to make these and these.

As for the new Knitty…adorable sweater tops, but not any I can wear, esp. to work. Besides, I need to be held up and a bra just wouldn’t work with such garments. 🙂

Still, a cute issue.

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Started: June 9, 2007

Completed: June 10, 2007
Yarn: Phildar Linbel (cotton/linen/bambou), two skeins (received from my Knitter’s Treat Exchange Pal)
Needle Size: US 5 dpns
Pattern: made up as knit with broken rib cuff and st st for the rest.

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Yet another pair of Cowgirl Slipper Socks. 2nd pair of the 52 pair plunge.
Project Stats:
Left over yarn from a previous sweater
Cow Girl Slipper Socks pattern from IK Winter 2006
Started: April 20, 2007
Completed: April 21, 2007

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Silly Socks

What’s the ol’ motto….
“Use it up, wear it out,

make it do or do without.”

I used up some superwash merino wool in my leftover yarn stash drawer to make another pair of Cowgirl Socks from IK Winter 2006.

I also joined the “52 Pair Plunge”… silly me…silly socks.

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