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words that Brenda Dane of Cast-On spoke in her most recent podcast

(light comes on)

This had to be one of my favorite podcasts.  I have so enjoyed all of her episodes, but this one seemed to hit home with me.

What a great feeling!


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Sitting along side the bag I had created last night, is yet another one.

This one is for my friend’s birthday…a bit past, but it replaces the other item I was going to make for her.

I hope she can use this in her travels, either from home to work, or to a stamp-in day!

Guess what I just now discovered? Uh, yeah, I’m like the slowest to catch on to what others have already been doing for several years. CastOn…the weekly knitting podcast. Duh! Time to get out of the dark!

Iris, I’ll be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that the water damange is minimum. Mother nature is sure being nasty to many areas of the world!

Listening to BBC Farming News today, it was horrific about one farmers livestock, with the rain flooding everything within seven hours or so, loosing about 221 lambs, plus quiet a few ewes. My heart just goes out to those little woolies having no chance at all.

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