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Now to wait and see….

This morning was spent going over DD#1 college applications to Western and Central.  It took three hours to make sure everything was “just right” on the Western app and 30 minutes for Central. 

I’m 99% sure she will get accepted by Central…her SAT scores and GPA gave her a high enough index that she should be an automatic “in”.  Western, not so sure of.  Either one will work for her.  Western works better for me, as her brother is there.  I also believe the baby will want to be going to Western.  She has three years to figure it out.

 Whew…$100 poorer but good to know it’s all done…now to wait and see.


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So what did I do…

You got it. I cried at the moment we were all leaving the kids (E’s family and mine went to dinner before they headed home).

I took pictures of my kids and then pics of J & E.

The hug good bye hit me hard (uh, pms was involved). This may be it, he may only be a visitor at home from now on.

The girls and I headed back to the hotel, watched The Wedding Date and I tried to knit, it was so darn hard. The movie was good, though the commercials took big chunks out of it.

I finally started a new scarf that I bought as a kit at the Wool Station for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange, loving the sample in the store. The yarn is Yarns Northwest, the Diana Collection: Silk and Merino. Easy lace center panel, with seed stitch border and a bit of rib on both sides, the scarf was skinny like my exchange pal wants but yet it will be fun to knit.

Off to have breakfast here at the hotel and then we will be on the road for home.

Have a great week.

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Go Vikings! That’s WWU Vikings!

Tomorrow morning, the girls and I will take the Tahoe and J will drive his 87′ Honda Accord, following behind, heading North to WWU!

J is now a Sophmore. J has a girlfriend, E, which by the way, the girls and I just adore, though she can be as quiet as a churchmouse at times. J and E have plans to stay in Bellingham after this year is out and get a flat together. J and E are in lllooovveee.

So, I believe this will be the last time J moves home for the summer. I could be wrong, plans can change, but I have a feeling that it will all work out in the end.

Last year, I didn’t cry until the following Monday at work after driving J to WWU for his first year. I was too weary from 5+ hours of driving round trip that day, the weekend just slipped past me, feeling numb.

This year, no tears, as the girls and I will stay up in Bellingham after we get him settled into his new dorm room. We have reservations, plan a shopping trip down in Old Fairhaven District where the Wool Station and this fabulous used bookstore are situated across the street from each other and if we can manage it, take in the first football game for the Vikings.

Sunday, the girls and I will take part in the continental breakfast to be served and then head home, rested and a bit of a vacation under out belt.

Uh, yeah, knitting. I have my Ravelry Scarf Exchange scarf to take with me and oh, probably three or four other little projects incase I get bored.

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New job, same district

Well, hey, hey! I have a new job. I have given my resignation to the school where I have been the secretary for the past 2 1/2 years. I’ve been with the local school district for five years, so I will get to keep my seniority, just change locations.

I accepted the position of Financial Technician for the business office, giving up my summers, my spring breaks, my two week winter breaks and all those other no-school holidays.

The kids are all secondary or in college, do I need more time off at the expensive point in my life or more $$$ to cover the college, the car insurance, the cell phones, the gas, etc.? Yep, money wins every time.

I’ve very exited with the details of my new position, having always liked to work in accounting. I know everyone at the district office and so I feel comfortable and not nervous as one would with a new job not knowing anyone.

K will get her wish as well, since A will be driving to the local community college to take classes in the morning, then dash off to the high school to take a few AP classes in the afternoon, I will be able to take K to school and drop her off (until she gets her license) and A will be able to bring her home.

No more “bus” for K.

I have hardly knit a stitch in the past few days as with working and the in-laws visiting from Nebraska, it’s been a whorlwind of excitement.

I was asked yesterday if I was going to be putting a knitted entry into the local fair as I usually do. Hmmm, I thought I wouldn’t make it, but…I have several items I have created this year that I have yet to actually wear and will enter those in. The CeCe cardigan was my goal, but time has not allowed me to get very far on it, esp. with the fair in a few weeks.

I may get a few moments of knitting today.

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