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at least to me.

I have many things I want to be caught up on.

My knitting, well, that will never really happen, now will it?

My garden. Having ventured out there today, I see I need to empty the pots and plant hangers of expiring plants, pull weeds, weed-wack around the fruit trees. I will most likely wait for a few more weeks, working best when it is cool and crisp outside. I have decided I need to curtail what I plant next year, as I have these past few years, downsizing my vegetables and adding more perennials. I do have the Square Foot Gardening book in my garden house, waiting to be read and the technique used. Lots of lavender next year, having a great success in growing a dozen plants from seed.

Going back to work has not afforded me time to get the usual summer harvest put up in to jams, sauces, salsas and pickles. A and I harvested a lot of blueberries and have frozen them for winter use. Ah, blueberry muffins.

Podcasts are on my list of catching up. I started with the first episode of Cast On and have slowly worked up into the teens, but have decided, like scrapbooking, it may be best to work backwards. I have other podcasts on my waiting list, so with my wireless card, headphones and knitting, I can plop myself upon my sofa on a Sunday afternoon and get caught up.

Scrapbooking and cardmaking are on list as well. Cardmaking, i.e. birthday cards, holiday cards can be done on a whims notice as I have organized all my supplies in that department. Scrapbooking will need to be a winter weekend project.

Besides the crips mornings, the sun in the afternoon, the cooler nights, the leaves turning into so many pretty colors, fall gives up an hour back, to catch up.


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