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A close-knit community…


of Graham Crackers.  That’s the official title to the neighborhood.  We are so close-knit that we spend holidays, bonfires, bbq’s and now, camping together.

It is hard to think that back in 1999 when we purchased our acreage that we would have landed so well.  Eventually, we all moved onto our properties, building our homes and our lives together.  The world isn’t like that, much, anymore.

Camping this past year, we used our friends new, small, yet beautiful little teardrop trailer.  It was great, except, there was not toilet.  We hiked up to the cabin to use the facilities…I was always on the look out for some wild animal, as we were up in the mountains, no electricity, no cellphone coverage.  Boy…the stars were so awesome to see.

DH and I talked about getting an RV so we would not impose on our friends and because I wanted a few amenities.  We could not be left out of the camping scene.

Tada.  Here is is.  Our new (old) RV.  1979.  It needs alot of tender loving care to give it a grander appearance, but the motor and the workings are sound.  Six new tires, new cushion covers.  Some cleaning, painting and new flooring, we will still come out ahead.

We paid hardly anything for it….cash on hand….took it home.  DH is over in Eastern Washington working.  He found the RV on Craigslist, emailed it to me.  I tried to contact the owners last night, but they did not return my call or email.  This morning, there was an email.  I called, they answered.  Someone else was coming down to look at it, from Seattle.  They never made it.  Which is good, as we (two of my male neighbors and I) were able to see if there was any smoke from the engine on a cold-start up.  A test drive and a bit of bartering and lots and lots of phone calls between DH and us while we tried to decide if it was worth it.  I asked DH if he ever thought he would be buying an RV over the phone with me.  🙂

I am going to keep a small scrapbook of the “beginning to end” of cleanup, repair and then into our camping trips.  It should be fun.

P.S.  My first thought once I got it home, was the items to make an “emergency” sock knitting kit to keep in the RV, just in case I ran out of projects or had forgotten them at home.  Eee-gads…I couldn’t camp all weekend without knitting…it may drive me to drink.


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Labor Day Weekend

We are off camping for the long weekend….

Knitting packed, truck loaded…

I have a post to do when I get back. My SP11 sent me a “Yarn Bouquet” in the mail. Lucious sock yarn, Zen Yarn Garden in Autumn Harvest colorway. I so wanted to ball this up and take it to work on socks…but alas, not enough time…with DH waiting for me to get off the computer and finished with everything so we can head up to our friends cabin.

So much for getting out of the neighborhood…it’s all the neighbors camping together!

Ah…but no kids this weekend. J is off with his girlfriend and her family camping. A & K are staying home to keep an eye on things and take care of the critters. None of their friends could go…so opted to stay home.

Have a restful, but knitty weekend!

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