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words that Brenda Dane of Cast-On spoke in her most recent podcast

(light comes on)

This had to be one of my favorite podcasts.  I have so enjoyed all of her episodes, but this one seemed to hit home with me.

What a great feeling!


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Since my post of catching up earlier today, I have started the scarf for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange pal. That took me a few weeks of chewing on ideas of what to make for her. Idea had, I purchased the yarn, a beautiful cashmere blend in a fingering weight. After the yarn arrived, I spent the past few weeks going over the pattern, deciding to design my own, to present her an original piece. Right now I am GLAD I have such a large selection of books for knitting reference.

For today’s catch up, I have listened to episode 55 and a portion all of episode 54 of Cast-On. Love it…I will go backwards in episodes for at least now. I listened to a few other pod casts I had downloaded and found they were not as appealing to me as the voice of Brenda Dayne.

So, this is when I became a pod cast snob. I have only Cast-On and Geek Farm Life in my podcast player. Brenda is funny. She makes me laugh. She plays awesome podsafe music that expands my musical palette. For that, I am proud to be a pod cast snob.

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