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I’m off tomorrow morning with Mary…a bit of shopping, some lunch, some more browsing, maybe a bit more shopping and then we will be at Ft. Worden.

Check out a bit of it’s haunty history…Happy Halloween! (p.s. the person that created the Hollow Hill site that I linked to has it listed as Seattle, WA, but it’s next to Port Townsend, WA, across the water and many, many miles Northwest of Seattle).

Knitting note: I have completed all but the collar on my Greta jacket. One can not call this a sweater, it is a jacket/coat weight, even with the length shortened. Hope to have the collar done this weekend. Only 2 1/2 weeks to knit all but the collar. It was a late night last night, up till 12:30 a.m. (hey, that’s this morning) getting it all pieced together. While I was seaming away, I asked myself, several times, “again, why do I knit”?


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No, not my little bunny…but the sweater I started on Oct. 14th.

Tonight was the bi-monthly knitting meetup at Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood. I worked hard, knitting for almost a solid two hours. I am currently knitting the right front, with only two more cable turns to go before decreasing for the arms.

There is absolutely no pictures out on the net of the “Greta” sweater that is in the Best of Lopi book. If you have it, check out page 66-67 for this sweater.

Since Oct. 14th, I have finished both sleeves and the left front. I hope to have the right front finished tomorrow evening, as there are no plans to go anywhere other than my great room to watch Ballykissangel.

Knitting retreat starts next Wednesday. I will be picking up M on Thursday…so I have until Wednesday to get this sweater done. I must have something new to wear and present for show-n-tell.

Besides, I will need a new project to work on at retreat, right?

How about “Juliet” by Zephyr?

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Thank you Ms. Snapdragons

Tonight there was a package waiting for me at the post office. Two skeins of organic yarn from Fully Belly Farm, a hank of Flash by Classic Elite, a good amount of mohair roving to spin, two cute little sheep ornaments, a sparkly picture frame and trinket box.
Thank you Ms. Snapdragons…what a great surprise!

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Project stats:
Started: 9-7-07
Restarted: 9-23-07
Restarted again: 9-30-07
Finished: 10-14-07
Yarn: Northwest Yarns, Silk and Merino, 2 balls
Needles: Size 8
Made for: Rebecca at Westerly Whimsies, my exchange pal
Length: 85 inches

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Our new bundle of joy

Uh, no…it’s not the type of baby you might be thinking. I’m 43 for heavens sake…

Our new addition to the family is Gretta, a mini lop mix. She’s about 10 weeks old. A & K just love her to pieces.

I named her Gretta as I thought for sure I was going to re-gretta telling my dh. He’s away on a job in Eastern Washington and won’t be home for a weekend stay till the first of November, when I’m off to knitting retreat.

So….I gave him a call, told him about the raccoon that was stalking around the deck late (like 1 am) last night and that gave me the led-in for Gretta.

She was quite content to sit on my lap while I knit away on my Ravelry Scarf Exchange project.

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Pumpkin pie, choc-butterscotch chip cookie, wheat bread, donuts and pumpkin-choc chip muffins….all homemade, all nummy goodness.

It the season, fall is such a baking time, besides the holiday norms.
The donuts are just a drop-sugar donut…but so fresh and so good.
I made three loafs of the Wheat bread from the batch. I do love my Kitchen Aid, does all the kneading for me.
The cup+ of leftover pumpkin went into the muffins for those hurried breakfasts the girls seem to have during the school week, as all of their time is spent getting ready for school and making sure their hair is “just so”.
Ah, pumpkin pie. Now that says “FALL” to me for sure. K’s friend, Cody is over today, so he’ll be staying for the Roast Beef and Mashed Potato dinner. Pie for dessert.
Three and a half weeks till knitting retreat at Ft. Worden. I spent the afternoon getting everything marked for the “stash reduction” sale we have while we are there. I hope to unload what I packed into the rubbermaid tote. Marked really low to go, go, go.
Happy Columbus Day to you!

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Done & Done

DD #2 request…a wool hat with her name. DD#1 request, the cable hat (aka $36 hat)
That’s me modeling the $36 hat…A was getting ready for the homecoming dance she was going to with her friend Drex, too busy to take a photo.

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