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Baby, baby, baby…..

Though, the pictures show two different colors, it’s actually the same yarn. The sweater shows a much truer color.

A gift for Baby J, a coworker is expecting her second child in February, so I’m a bit ahead of schedule, at least, for once.

I will gift it to her tomorrow.

Now, to work on this, per the request of A, my sweet, loveable but ever demanding (just kidding or am I?) daughter #1 and I have no pattern. To order the booklet will cost close to $20 and there is only one pattern in it that A wants. None of the local yarn carriers had this in stock. It’s the Fall 2007 booklet from Classic Elite Yarns, Uptown. I decided to give it a go without a pattern, I’m crafty, I can figure it out right? What we do for our children. Wish me luck!

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