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SP10 strikes again

A package from my SP10 arrived! See the beautiful ball of yarn with the ribbon and pretty pin attached. Well…I unwound that ball of yarn and if you look closely at the next picture, you can see all the fun things that was wound up in it.
Thank you, Katia, you have been so much fun! I will use all those trinkets, in one way or another.

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I’m over here! As I clean up my craft loft, I am entering my yarn stash, books, needles and projects (past, present and future).

See you when I get to the bottom of it all!

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Ok…so, I didn’t knit a swatch first for my OSW…only because, as you knit from the top down, starting with the same number of stitches no matter the size, you can actually gauge as you are knitting.

My gauge is at 5sts/inch. Not the gauge I will need for the OSW…but, the Fitted Knits has the Two Toned shrug at 5 sts/inch.

So, back to the store I go, to purchase four more skeins of the cashmere blend…please tell me I am not totally insane for now spending $64 + tax for this little shrug. LOL

What we will do for the love of knitting….

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Knitty Surpise

Emerald Seas!

I like it!

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I have put CeCe off for the past few days as the in-laws are here and knitting a lace pattern, no matter how simple the 9 stitch repeat is, can be a recipe for disaster when chit-chatting and knitting.

So…I started a black Cashmere One Skein Wonder. I purchased four skeins of the Cashmere/Wool blend. It was on sale, so a whopping $32.00 has been shelled out, when it could have been $40.

I haven’t gotten very far, as we did a little shopping at the mall, where I picked up the most beautiful, classic Franco Sarto black leather pumps for my new job. I’ll be stylin’.

The humidity has not been my friend either, leaving me feeling like a sweat-ball and slowing me down. OMG, you should see my hair…a curly bouffant with a light socket twist. 🙂

9pm can not get here soon enough…I’m tired!

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New job, same district

Well, hey, hey! I have a new job. I have given my resignation to the school where I have been the secretary for the past 2 1/2 years. I’ve been with the local school district for five years, so I will get to keep my seniority, just change locations.

I accepted the position of Financial Technician for the business office, giving up my summers, my spring breaks, my two week winter breaks and all those other no-school holidays.

The kids are all secondary or in college, do I need more time off at the expensive point in my life or more $$$ to cover the college, the car insurance, the cell phones, the gas, etc.? Yep, money wins every time.

I’ve very exited with the details of my new position, having always liked to work in accounting. I know everyone at the district office and so I feel comfortable and not nervous as one would with a new job not knowing anyone.

K will get her wish as well, since A will be driving to the local community college to take classes in the morning, then dash off to the high school to take a few AP classes in the afternoon, I will be able to take K to school and drop her off (until she gets her license) and A will be able to bring her home.

No more “bus” for K.

I have hardly knit a stitch in the past few days as with working and the in-laws visiting from Nebraska, it’s been a whorlwind of excitement.

I was asked yesterday if I was going to be putting a knitted entry into the local fair as I usually do. Hmmm, I thought I wouldn’t make it, but…I have several items I have created this year that I have yet to actually wear and will enter those in. The CeCe cardigan was my goal, but time has not allowed me to get very far on it, esp. with the fair in a few weeks.

I may get a few moments of knitting today.

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Well, with an email that gave a link to check to see the status of where one was for joining Ravelry, I found that I was offered to join back in May. I’m sure the invite email had gone into the spam pile…so…

I have now joined. Wow…what fun to see all the goodies on there…so much more to see and learn.

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