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Sitting along side the bag I had created last night, is yet another one.

This one is for my friend’s birthday…a bit past, but it replaces the other item I was going to make for her.

I hope she can use this in her travels, either from home to work, or to a stamp-in day!

Guess what I just now discovered? Uh, yeah, I’m like the slowest to catch on to what others have already been doing for several years. CastOn…the weekly knitting podcast. Duh! Time to get out of the dark!

Iris, I’ll be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that the water damange is minimum. Mother nature is sure being nasty to many areas of the world!

Listening to BBC Farming News today, it was horrific about one farmers livestock, with the rain flooding everything within seven hours or so, loosing about 221 lambs, plus quiet a few ewes. My heart just goes out to those little woolies having no chance at all.


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One of my favorite magazines is Australian Country Threads. The picture to the left is from issue Vol. 5 No. 7.

I decided to make one today for my Fresh-n-Fit lunch boxes that are like a bento box, stacking within its own container and an area to keep the ice pack that comes with it.

My current lunch bag that I have been using since Gabbie made it for me, about three plus years ago is still good to go, but those lunch boxes won’t fit well in them along with my water container to take to work.

With the school office now closed for summer, I have accepted an offer to sub at the district office. I have also applied for a few positions down there too…so, why not a new lunch bag to kick off the event.

Here is my version…the picture looks a bit yellow over to the right, as my desk lamp was casting that glow. The weather here is full of dark clouds and hard rain, the logs in the house absorb what light there is…so, it is always tricky to take pictures in here.

The bag has a lining and cotton batting between. Using up all the stash I have, from the fabric, to the “just enough” green and pink striped ribbon and the wooden bead.

Both of my Fresh-n-Fits lunch boxes were in the bag when I snapped the photo. Took just under two hours, though I was reading and rereading the instructions. Next time it should be a bit quicker. A bit of Amy Butler fabrics used…the lining and the main body/strap.

Happy Friday!

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Two years ago, at the annual Ft. Worden Knitting Retreat, this lovely yarn was our gift for the year.

I have saved it, not sure what I would do with it.

Then, Erin, J’s girlfriend came along. The more she comes over, the chattier I can get her to be. She loves the color green. Ah-ha!

So, with this lovely yarn, I made Erin the Single Cable Scarf from One Skein by Leigh Radford.

Now, they can skip along together up at the college campus, hand in hand, each with their own scarf. (J’s was made last year in a grey wool)

Project Stats:

Started: June 23, 2007
Completed: June 25, 2007
Yarn: Hand Painted Coleburg Yarn (50% merino wool/50% kid mohair), 153 yards
Needles: US 9 – 9 inch length bamboo Clovers
Size: 3″ x 54″

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The Birthday Meme:

The rules are to go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day only. Then post 3 events, 2 births and one holiday that occurred on your birthday, then tag 5 friends.


1789American government takes out first ever loan, a total of $191,608.81.

1964 – North Vietnamese Army begins infiltration of South Vietnam.

1970Jimi Hendrix found dead in his basement in London.


1939 – Fred Willard, American comedian

1971Lance Armstrong, American cyclist


RC Saints – Feast day of St Joseph of Cupertino, Methodius of Olympus, Richardis, and Eustorgius I.

I now tag:


I also would like to know from whom the American government took that first loan from back in 1789. Did they not see this as being a “habit” to go into debt…that being in the “red” is NOT A GOOD THING. What happened to the bartering system?

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Finished and currently being blocked.

Project Stats:
Started: May ?, 2007
Completed: June 20, 2007
Yarn: Highland Silk from elann.com (80% highland wool/20% silk) in Calypso Green colorway
Needles: US 7
Size: 46″ length x 5.5 ” width
I love cables, I love green, I love this scarf. My plan is to tuck it away after drying to put in our local county fair (up to four submissions per category).

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My "No" List

With all the wonderful new knitting books I can get from the county library, I can sure save alot of $$$ for myself by checking them out to review first. Years ago I gave myself the critiera of having to truly love a certain percentage of the patterns in a book before I was going to purchase it.

I have slacked over the year and purchased a few that ended up not being the right ones for me.

Here’s MY “not buying” list:

Knits for Dogs & Cats

Knitty Gritty Knits by Vickie Howell

Couture Knits by Jean Moss

Never Knit Your Man A Sweater *unless you’ve got the ring by Judith Durant

The Elegant Knitty by Gina Macris

Knits Three Ways by Melissa Matthay

Please remember, this is only my opinion for my tastes, size or what is being repeated for what I already have on the bookshelf.

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Knitty Summer 07′ is out

I want to make these and these.

As for the new Knitty…adorable sweater tops, but not any I can wear, esp. to work. Besides, I need to be held up and a bra just wouldn’t work with such garments. 🙂

Still, a cute issue.

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