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To read or to knit…

that is the question.

I’ve been doing ALOT of reading lately and some knitting. Pair 3 of the 52 pair plunge is on the needles as I type…a few more hours and we can called it finished. Now, when to get those few more hours in.


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Thanks SP10

Another postcard from my SP10 spoiler, wishing me a good day.
Her cards have brightened my post office and I thank her very, very much.

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Yet another pair of Cowgirl Slipper Socks. 2nd pair of the 52 pair plunge.
Project Stats:
Left over yarn from a previous sweater
Cow Girl Slipper Socks pattern from IK Winter 2006
Started: April 20, 2007
Completed: April 21, 2007

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Silly Socks

What’s the ol’ motto….
“Use it up, wear it out,

make it do or do without.”

I used up some superwash merino wool in my leftover yarn stash drawer to make another pair of Cowgirl Socks from IK Winter 2006.

I also joined the “52 Pair Plunge”… silly me…silly socks.

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A very lovely package was in the post box tonight from my SP10…from Montana.

Thank you, Pal! The hand dyed yarn is beautiful! I love the little card with the sheep on it. The lovely sent from the muslin bag was delightful…my oldest daughter was loving it too…a bit too much, as in, trying to take it for herself. 🙂 The girls and I think the magnets are cool. I gave each of the girls a few to use in the school lockers (you know high school, we must have “hip and cool” things in our lockers).

Now…what sock pattern to use with this gorgeous yarn.

Thank you very much! You are a gem!

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A gift in the mail

These beautiful socks are from a lovely sock knitter, aka: the SP10 I have been selected to send to.
Wow…I was so impressed when I opened up the package to find hand knit socks and a notecard of thanks today at the post office.
Over the past few years, I have learned quite a bit about SPing, what has worked for me and what hasn’t. What is good to send, things I like, things others like and so forth.
I’ve had great SP’s to send to…Shelley was the start of my “theme” packages as she was only 40+ miles away. It had been a bit harder with my SP’s overseas, the costs the USPS charges for larger packages that are not going by the two month slow boat can drain ones pocketbook.
So…here’s a hearty cheer to the SP’s past, the SP’s present and the SP’s in the future.
Happy Knitting.

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Postcards from Montana

Here are few lovely postcards from my SP10. My knitting pal lives in Montana! Beautiful country. She has also lived in Washington State.
A big shout out of thanks to my pal for sending postcards, cards and wonderful emails. She’s a gem and the best part, she loves chickens too!
Thanks SP!

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