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Rusted Root.

Elizabeth over at A Mingled Yarn is very inspirational…besides all the great quotes, her fabulous knitting gets my fiber need moving along.

So….with snow, rain, sun, sleet, more rain, more sun, more sun and again, lots of rain, I will be working on this little sweater. I started it last night, taking advantage of Elizabeth’s notes about doing the ribbing first instead of going back and picking up those 106 stitches called for.


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Ms. Marigold in bloom….

Project Specs:
Pattern: Ms. Marigold – Zephyr pattern
Started: November 18, 2006
Finished: February 25, 2007
Yarn: Sonata in “French Navy” color # 2612 by elann.com, 100% mercerized cotton, approx. 115 yds per skein
Number of Skeins: between 9 and 11…I lost count.
Needle Size: US 4?
Notes: No ruffles for this one. I had just a few yards left of the yarn, finished up the arms and neckline before finishing the last few inches on the bottom, just in case. This sweater took way to long for such simple knitting. Will I make it again…probably not.

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While out and about today, I swung by a thrift store to check out their books. I happened to see a small stack of 45’s, decided to browse through them and what do I find? “Faithfully” by Journey.
Journey is my DH’s all time, life long, forever favorite group. How could I not take this .59 cent record home with me? Original price was $1.99 back in 1983.
As I drove home, I thought of how I could display it. JoAnn’s was on the way, so I swung by there, looked at the shadow boxes but then found a piece of southwest art with matting, frame and glass in the clearance bin for $9.95.
Home I go, deconstructed the frame, took out the southwest art (aka: printed paper) and put the record in. A little bubbling happened in the center of the background paper I used…but you know what…it’s perfect. It reflects the “not so perfect” life we live.

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I’ve had the new issue of Interweave Knits for a good week or more, sitting on my work table, just waiting for me to sit down and dig in to the new patterns.
Why has it taken me so long getting to this, usually, delightful task? At first glance, as I walked from my post office box to my vehicle, what I was seeing with in the pages of the Spring 2007 issue was leaving me feeling disappointed and wondering “what were they thinking?”
The pattern pictures are displayed into the second 1/4 of the magazine, with the patterns and not-so-big pictures towards the back. I could not tell which were patterns or ads, with this new layout/format.
Can you say “catalog”. My one word description of what use to be my favorite knitting magazine. Oh crap!

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Knit Night

What is with me? I have hardly picked up my knitting in the past two weeks, though this past weekend I would mindlessly go round and round on Ms. Marigold. Only 5 more inches to go till the rib. I’m so ready to move onto another project.

Tonight is Knit Night at Cutter’s Point Coffeeshop. Only a few will show, so if you are in the neighborhood of the Longston Safeway in South Hill/Puyallup, WA, stop by after 6:30 p.m….we will be the group at the long rectangular table…knitty, of course.

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A lovely package from England

A big, huge, wonderful shout out to ImpressionKnits over in England. Thank you so very much.

My SP9 that I “sent” to had sent me a lovely thank you package. Earl Grey tea, adorable sandal votive candles, candies, the most beautiful hand dyed yarn she order esp. for me in my favorite colors from a lady in Scotland and a cute card. I have to say, the card caught my youngest daughters attention as she just LOVES her handwriting. My little K is a leftie, smart as a whip (I hope she carries a PHD one day) but has scribble for her handwriting. J, she was totally impressed with your writing!
When you get a chance, head on over and visit her blog at http://impressionknits.blogspot.com/index.html. This little gal is due to have a wee one soon…wish her the best.

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