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Handpainted Socks

I started this sock Tuesday evening. I’m on the foot…so not much longer for this one. I only did the leg height to five inches…seven would be enough, but I wasn’t sure if there would be enough yarn. I don’t know if the picture will do the colorway justice, but it’s very “fall” and I love it. Soft too.

I wore my Trekking socks today with my laceup boots, denium skirt and a sweater (store bought, but a comfy sweater at that). I need more boots to go with more socks…hmmm, may have to work on that. 🙂


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Shelley is a sweetie. Look what she sent me after her trip to Paris. Such soft mohair Katia Ingenua in a soft brown colorway and a skein of Anny Blatt Angora in a fall burnt orange…I LOVE IT. Fall colors are my favorite and the pattern she sent to go with it is perfect.

Thank you, Shelley! For thinking of me, for sending such a surprise and for being a new found friend from SP…that is close enough for “drinks”.

So I asked Santa for a new bicycle, helment and basket for Christmas. Santa is in Eastern Washington until Dec. 22, so I may have to go buy it myself.

Another snow day…started socks with some handpainted yarn I was gifted…hoping to turn the first heel soon.

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Snow, college boy and hat

So, you may have read previously about J, my college son, who had his car stolen last Friday but we recovered it. Well, my darling, college son decided to go play in all of that snow when he returned to Bellingham on Sunday night. The boy called me yesterday afternoon, 2:45 p.m., to tell me he lost is wallet in the snow. Up to 14 inches of snow. Needless to say, I am a bit, well, mad. Mad that we had to cancel his debit card in case a not-so-nice person found it and used it. Mad that he kept the crisp, $100 bill his dad gave him in his wallet, though he said he had no intensions of spending it. Mad that he has lost, yet another, student i.d., which gets him his breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining hall. Mad that he lost his laundry card, so now he can’t do laundry. And mad that I can’t do a darn thing for him until his new card arrives and until he comes home for winter break to get a replacement license.

In my frustration, I decided he needed a hat. A warm, wool hat in a nice woolie-brown, to keep his wits about him.

Picture is of me at 11:30 p.m. last night, too upset to sleep and watching the snow fall….we did have a “snow day” today…roads were slick with ice and snow.

Coffee time.

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O Christmas Tree…

The girls and I enjoying the fresh, crisp air.
After much discussion, this is the tree agreed upon. Lets just say that it “verily” fit into the tree stand.

Mt. Rainier. The view from the Orting Valley. Blue skies with a chance of snow/rain mixed.

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Just purchased new pattern

Glampyreknits or aka: Stefanie Japel has her new pattern up and for sale. Just purchased it. Though I am working madly on Ms. Marigold with a side of scarves I just started last night, I may need to get this new pattern printed out to review for future project.

DS is home from school this Thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday he left to go see his friends and what happens? His 1987 Honda is stolen. OMG. I could care less about the car. It’s a starter-car for a teenager. He has had it for two years and it is sitting here at home while he is away at college. What I do care about is some idiot doing damage to persons or property that could harm us. I called the sherriff asap and the insurance company. The car was found a few hours later. The battery had died and I think the alternator took a dive. No damage to the car, persons or property. We were able to get it driven home this morning since “lights” were not needed and didn’t drain all the charge out of the car. Whew. What a weekend and two days left of it.

It’s our Christmas tree weekend. We will all get into the old truck and trundle down to the Snowshoe Tree farm to trudge around the mud looking for the 2006 family tree. The only debate will be between A and I. She wants a bushy, fluffy tree. I want a tall, not so bushy Noble Fir. Who will win? The one with the checkbook, of course.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

My poor old stool needs a boost. Since the cute little devil kitty of my daughters decided to undo my hooked rug of a sheep I was working on to cover it…I went with a felted wool project.

Here is the finished product. Simple but effective. I was planning on two stack circles to go around the edge but decided to leave it off. On to knitting, finishing dinner details and some small felted wool ornaments.

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Trio of Turkeys

My Trio of Turkeys. One will be a gift (with a lovely stoneware pottery bowl just perfect for steaming veggies) and the other two will stay here for Thanksgiving day and our table.

Closeup of a single turkey penny rug mat. Lots of fun. I think I will stick to only one at a time from now on.

I’ve been itching to start the Nantucket Jacket…but just found Ms. Marigold that I purchased and believe I need to start…like NOW.

Happy Saturday to all…I hope it finds it to be productive for you and you are not out in the mall with all those crazy shoppers.

Keep the handcraft alive.

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