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Sienna Cardigan from IK Fall 2006. Ooolala. I am enjoying this project. I started it Tuesday evening…so tonight I hope to have the first sleeve done. A very good project to take to knitting retreat with me next week.


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Always room for change

A fact of life, things change, get moved around, put aside, picked up and left behind. Well, today was the day to finish the Fair Isle 101 Pullover. Notice, it’s now a pullover vest, not the long sleeve sweater as the pattern calls for and originally planned. Three movies, four cups of coffee and a good soaking has landed me with this. I love vests. Vests are cool. I tend to always be on the hot side, temp-wise, so a vest is better for me than a sweater, especially when I am at work.

Edited 10/24/06:
Project Stats:
Pattern: Fair Isle 101 Pullover-gone-Vest, Interweave Knits, Winter 2005
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool
Needle Sizes: US 6 and 4
Started: Sept. 3, 2006
Completed: October 22, 2006

I have only one project on the needles. OMG, I must get a pair of socks going for my lunch breaks. (thump, crash, moan) <—–just me looking for a good skein of sock yarn in the stash. Off to knit a bit.

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Baby Trekking Socks

Shhh…don’t tell, but these little socks are for my SP9. Nice to be able to use the yarn leftover from my Trekking socks I finished this week. I managed to be on target with the stripes again, hip hip horrah!

Project Stats:
Started: October 18, 2006
Pattern: My own, 32 sts co, 16 sts heel, 3.25 inches for foot.
Yarn: Trekking XXL, Color 128
Needle Size: US2 Dpns
Made for: SP9, stork to arrive in March 2007
Completed: October 19, 2006

My verdict is still out on the toe-up socks. I’ve done the circs, two at a time and now I’ve started the toe-up, this may just be it for this round and then back to my old fashion way of sock knitting.

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The falling leaves, the cool crisp air, yep, it’s Socktober! As I watched the Virgin Queen tonight on PBS, I was able to complete my pair of Trekking socks. The match on the stripes came out pretty darn good.

Project Stats:
Started: July 2006
Pattern: Ladies Ribbed Sock, printed from internet 10/25/05
Yarn: Trekking XXL, Color 128
Needle Size: US2 Dpns
Made for: Me
Completed: 10/16/06

On to the toe-up socks!

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I purchased an Amy Butler Arts & Crafts Tote Patten last weekend at The Wild Rose Quilt shop when I was getting the fabric for the One Yard Fabric Swap. Ok..I purchased more than one yard. All the colors other than the heavy weight plain tan color are the additional fabric I purchased. This is the front.

Here’s the back. It only took me a solid 8 hours of sewing, with another hour plus to sew up a new knitting needle bag and to pound in the snaps. I love the snap. Velcro is what the pattern called for, I didn’t have any on hand which is good, as yarn will tend to stray towards it, getting caught and making a mess of the fiber.

The inside pocket that holds needles, etc.

Here’s the knitting needle case I made with the left over fabric. It fits perfectly into a side pocket on the tote.

I also managed to get things organized in my craft loft today. With the knitting retreat coming up in three weekends and working on any gifts I am making, I’m now good to go.

Amy Butler patterns rock!

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Road Trip – varoom-vroom

We will be on the road in an hour or so with a stop for a latte and bagel. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that second Trekking sock finished this weekend? I’ll work on that.

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Socktober 2006

What can I say, other than I seem to be getting slower as I get older? Here it is, with tomorrow being October 13th, I have two sock yarns I am working on, but not a whole lot to show. This was my favorite button, so cute.

Heading up to WWU to see the boy, dragging two dd’s with me, though they are so excited about the “hotel” or at least the youngest is. Shows you how much they have gotten to travel in their 13 & 16 year life span.

Taking my socks with me, taking computer with me too. Must find all yarn stores in Bellingham, right?

Doesn’t it just figure, I don’t have to work tomorrow and I’m tired, ready to close my eyes and sleep…all this time I could be knitting.

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