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Look what Mary brought over for my birthday. A lovely skein of Opal, the cutest decorated pail or do we call it a box? A beautiful birthday card she made. Mary is so into stamping now…from quilting to knitting to stamping, she’s done it all. This is my knitting buddy that I go to knitting retreat with each year at Fort Worden. Thank you Mary…you rock!

Where have I been for the past eight days. Here, but each evening has seen me off to either a soccer or football game. Monday was the hardest for me with J gone. I went to work and broke down for a good cry. I’m MUCH better now. This is my therapy to get over the grief of my first child being away at college (and he’s not missing home too much, either). He needs a nice little afghan for his bed. A mindless crochet that has left my knitting sitting on the sideline looking on. Just less than two weeks, the girls and I will be up to have dinner, do some shopping and visit J. Fingers crossed I have the afghan done to take with me. I should be over my sadness by then.


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I just love the box…what a great surprise that Francis Drake was waiting for me at the post office. Great timing!

Look at all the goodies that Marisol sent my way. There is nothing like hearing your 16 yo scream for the chocolate. It’s really sad when at that age you still have to tell them “no, don’t touch”. LOL What do we see here? A box of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Caramel Tartlet cookies, Villars Swiss Milk Chocolate bar, a cute Twinkle Candy (poof, I’m a sleek 120 pounds and no gray in the hair :), a lovely Mini Memo Pad & Pen (great size for the knitting bag to take notes on what everyone else is making at this years Knitting Retreat and follow suit, the adorable kitty sitting on the Benz (ooh my, what happened to the paint job, giggle), the most awesome tissue holder made out of fantastic fabric…I may have to sew some of these up as gifts for co-workers,a Fiber Trends Raindrop Lace Socks pattern by Evelyn A. Clark, whom I see every year at the Ft. Worden knitting retreat (maybe I should ask for her autograph) and last is the Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, fingering weight 100% merino wool in my favorite Fall colors, color name “Donna’s Favorite”, Lot #011. OMG, what an amazing package.

A close up of the yarn, though my new camera (present) from my DH is giving me fits or maybe I’m just having fits as it is not doing what I WANT.

Marisol, I send you my most heart felt “thank you” for such thought and a great box of goodies. You are a gem among knitters.

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I pack my son and all of his boxes off to college. I am sad, I am happy, I think I need a beer. I’ll be back on Saturday, so I can get my Francis Drake box all tidy and ready to go on Monday to it’s next recipent. Sailing away, matey!

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These lovely socks knit up in “Socks that Rock” yarn by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, color: Alina were given to me by Heide for my birthday. She also included the Fall 06 Knit It! and a box of Red Vines…nummy. Thank you Heide. You will be missed for our chats at school on knitting, but I know that you are just a mouse click away when I have something to say. I will wear and treasure these socks…I hope to make a debut with them and my clear clogs, possibly Friday.

Who said “babies” don’t come with four feet. One more month, Maxamo, and you will be the big “8”.

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Fruitful day

Four hours work for these lovely jars of canned plums, salsa and Autumn jam. Another neighbor had the girls come over to pickup a huge bag, about 10 pounds worth, of excellent plums. After grocery shopping this morning, 7 am mind you, I hurried home to pick the tomatoes and peppers that were ripe in the garden to also make the salsa. With some of the left over plums, it was a perfect opportunity to make the Autumn jam with apples from my small orchard and pears, with a hint of ginger and cinnamon thrown in. Nummy. Only two pints of the jam, I’ll just use in between the other jams I have made this summer.

Calling all knitters of the world, help! Dig down deep and toss me some of your ideas for this Hand Painted Coleburg Yarn of 50/50 merino wool & kid mohair. It’s a lovely varigated in lighter greens that I got as my gift from Knitting Retreat last year. It has approx. 153 yards of softness. We are suppose to create something with it and bring it to this years retreat.

I’m ready for a nap, how about you? Though I won’t take one, it’ll throw me off for my normal night time sleep if I do.

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The one voice in this world that takes me away to another time and place belongs to…John Corbett.

I almost, but not quite, gave up on watching Sex in the City. The 12th episode was a heartbreaker and had me crying. Damn, reality check! I couldn’t even knit on my sweater and we are in the “round” here, folks.

Reality, well, the hard cider and the Alaskan Amber didn’t help the situation. I’m suppose to be another year wiser on Monday, not feeling it after blubbering over a t.v. show. I am going to assume that I will never out grow being a romantic at heart, but I am going to tell myself, no more alcohol with any show other than the news. The news is a good place to put on those rose colored glasses, right?

So…whatever you do, don’t ask me how far I got on my sweater tonight…bottoms up!

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TGIF, why of course…

Have you wondered if I was really knitting? Here’s the proof. Everyday I have knit on this since I started it on Sunday, Sept. 3. I am just moments away from working the front and back separately. A cuff has been started for one sleeve (during “V for Vendeta” as that just wasn’t a movie for Fair Isle attention).

Purchase at the “Friends of the Graham Library” booksale today. Copyright 1971. I also found a “mint” condition 1963, “Woman’s Day” magazine. Yeah for great finds.

Off to knit…dum de dum….

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Mathmatics + Knitting

Problem: Subtract a “deposit” from you checkbook register, do not add the deposit into the balance prior to said transaction, just subtract it. What do you get?

Answer: Double your money.

I was sitting good in MY checking account, but as I was balancing the register to my online account balance, it was off by, oh, just $300.00, to the black I might add.

So, after subracting the $150.00 deposit, then putting it back in and then actually registering the correct deposit amount, I found $300.00 for, oh, maybe a bit more yarn, knitting retreat registration, you know, knitting goodness. My birthday is on Monday, so what a treat!

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