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5am Proof in the Pudding

It was 5am, I was dressed and ready for work in my newly completed, Brown Green Gable. No one is awake to take a picture. Should I take my camera to work with me, have someone snap a picture there? No. Ok, chest of drawers seems to be the right height, hence the picture featured here. I wore it to work. I now can say that if it was another 2 inches plus longer, I would have been totally happy. Coworker came into work and first thing she said was, “did you just knit this sweater”? OMG…”Does it look homemade”? At this point, I’m beginning to freak out wondering if it looks bad. No, she said “I know you would never buy a sweater, you would knit one”. Whew. That’s a relief. Though it was way into the 80’s today, the sweater was quite comfortable in the office.

I have my Fair Isle 101 still sitting there, sighing and waiting for me to swatch. I started another pair of “Fetching” for A, on size 4 dpns, as she has such delicate, small hands. Amazing what 35 minutes of sitting in the vehicle can do for a knitter. Yes folks, I live eight miles from home. It takes approx. 15 minutes to get to work in the morning. It usually takes me 30 minutes to get home as I stop at the library, the postoffice and once in a great while, the grocery store by the school. Today it took an HOUR, a flippin’ HOUR to get from work, to the post office and then straight home. Construction. Yuck!

A long day is ahead of me tomorrow. Pickup coffee for staff meeting at 6:30 am, get last minutes details done for first day of school, hopefully between the office closing at 2pm and 5:30 pm when it’s open house, I will have quiet time to keep finishing those little things. Open house is from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. Then home. Good thing I have my knitting retreat in November to look forward to, otherwise the excess time I put in would be for nothing.

Happy knitting to all and to all a good night…


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All done. There are things I should have done, like alot more decreasing to show more shaping, I’m a bustie, curvy gal, so a bit more definition in the waist area would be good. The cotton stretches alot when wet, so handled more carefully to keep it from stretching to the floor. It’s not form fitting, which is good, we don’t need to show love handles, muffin tops or any extra poundage hanging in areas unseen, right? Glad to be done with it, it was a nice knit, but will I make it again, I just don’t know.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Green Gable
Yarn: Elann.com Sonata in Coffee Bean, about nine skeins
Needle Size: US 4 & US 6 circs
Started: ? Anyone remember?
Finished: August 27, 2006

My Fair Isle 101 waits in the wings, but I think “Fetching” is calling to me again, a cute little pair for A as Soccer Season at her high school has begun and she will find a few cool days or nights that she may need them.

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We be Jammin’

Today is a day for jam making. Seven jars of plum jam are done and cooling on the counter. Blackberries are smooshed and waiting in the frig for my dear, darling K to finish making breakfast (he’s the Sunday morning breakfast man here at our house). I think I’ll stop with that for today, saving another recipe for next weekend, Autum Jam, a combo of plums, apples and pears.

Yesterday, I put up four jars of hot salsa and four jars of garlic dill pickles. Except for the half flat of raspberries and strawberries, everything else I have preserved has come from my garden or from my neighbors. Always a good feeling and talk about easy on the pocketbook.

Ok, so I did not make my deadline of last night for my second sleeve. With K home for the weekend, we went over to the neighbors for a bit to hang out and chat. Home by 10pm and sound asleep.

This afternoon will be a good time to work on it after I finish the blackberry jam as the temps will get into the 80’s and sitting to knit on the porch will keep me cool.

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I have finally finished the first sleeve, for the third time. First sleeve was as pattern directed, frogged that. Second sleeve, after consulting with A on length, was to go above the elbow. Bright idea hits my head and I finish the bottom two inches of said second sleeve with the same lace pattern as neck front. Nope, don’t like how it sits. Third time, three rows of k1p1 rib like the original sleeve, but to the elbow. Now on second sleeve, with a wing and prayer I will be finished tonight. Fair Isle 101 Sweater is waiting in the bag for me to start. I dare not even look at it until I finish my Brown Green Gable.

My September KTC book read arrived today at the library, so I braved the warm weather with my daughters little “snow white” car that has no AC. Now I’m a bit hot and cranky, with just a hint of PMS about to hit. So…for those that swing by my blog to see what I’ve been up to…don’t read on…it’s a moment of rant for me. I should delete it, but then who will I tell of my insecure whoas of knitting and crafting. (Stop, don’t venture further)

Rant Begins: I do have to say, as I sit and knit, I think of a certain knitter out there who would be disgusted by my attempts of changing the sleeve, maybe my sloppiness in not being a perfect knit. You know what this does to me as I sit and think of this, “Too bad, so sad, we are not PERFECT like you”. (insert sarcastic mouthyness) Sorry, it’s a bit of a rant on someone who isn’t even aware that I exist in this world, someone whom I WILL not buy a book from once it is published, a certain person who is just a bit too flippin’ big for her knittin’ needles. If you have read my rant to this point, it is not YOU. This girl would never give anyone the time of day, as we are all below her station. End of Rant

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Fresh from the Farm

What do I love about having a small homestead? Fresh farm eggs. I feel so sorry for the chicken in my henhouse that laid that huge egg today. The small white one is from our dear “Molly”. Molly has been with us forever, having surrogated another chickens egg to raise as her own in the dead of winter, but the outcome was not good, the poor chick died a few weeks after hatching, a piece of grain in its beak. But, such is farm life. We take the good with the bad and learn from it. Molly still likes to sit on other chickens eggs. She’s like the Gladys Cravits of the chicken run. A white silkie with an additude.

Off to knit some sleeves…

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if you were aware of the “elann.com” dollars (or credit) that you can earn when you purchase from them? Uh…I didn’t. So, as I went to purchase three more skeins of the brown Sonata to make my sleeves longer on my Brown Green Gable, I decided to go ahead and purchase the yarn for the Fair Isle 101 Sweater from IK Winter 05. I go to “checkout” and what do my eyes behold? A balance of .69 cents on my order. Ummmm, this is fantastic. Another insentive to purchase yarn from them.

I have to say, they have been outstanding in the shipping of my purchases. Well, I am lucky to live in Washington State and since they come over to Pt. Roberts to ship, I get it soooo much sooner. Bravo, Elann.com. You ROCK!

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Here is my Sew I Knit Project for August-September. I added ribbon to the back to hang it from the loft railing.

This chicken seems to approve.

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