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I did not get as much quilting done as I thought I would. I need to not say I’m gonna do something, then I’ll get it done. Here is is. The yellow thread is the basting threads…once it’s all quilted I’ll post a picture of the finished product.

I love hand applique, but I didn’t not have the time to get that done, so I tried my hand at the machine applique…it’s ok, not my favorite technique, but works when needed. Posted by Picasa


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The Bean Sweater


This was an adapted pattern I found online from the Five Hour Baby Sweater…suited more for boys. This will go across the pond once the fair is over. Yes…I think I’m going to get it all done to enter. Posted by Picasa

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The buttons I made for the Bean Sweater…crocheted buttons and crocheted loops. Posted by Picasa

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Many years ago…about 15+ I belonged to a quilting group. I learned alot of tricks along the journey, such as the “ABC’s” of quilting. You quilt A, the basics, B the fill ins and C the extras. I’m on A for my crazy, wacky quilt. Oh, for those that read “my crazy quilt”, it’s just “crazy” as in wacky, not as in victorian crazy quilt, which I would love to make one day as well, I just love hand embroidery. Today I want to get past the A portion on my quilt and head towards the B portion. I could careless if I make it to the C part as that is total insanity.

I want to tell you about my SP8 that I send to. When you get a chance, check out her blog, she’s funny, she’s spunky and she lives 35+ miles from me. In Seattle, wow. Shelley, of She Knits She Rants has been a wonderful person to get to know. We correspond almost daily…a little bit of this and a little bit of that to chat about. Oh, but just don’t tell her who her SP8 is as she doesn’t (I don’t think) know yet. A few hits on her site would be great!

Now, about not playing nice. I am a bit sad that my One Skein Pal that I send to is not responding to my emails, receipts of packages, etc. I’ve rec’d two emails in almost three months. She doesn’t has blog, so I can’t visit her there. If she’s too busy, as least let me know, so I can understand why things are the way the are. Yep, I guess my feelings are hurt. I’m ranting on my own here, as K doesn’t understand. He’s like “so”? Well, it’s still has been hard.

My One Skein pal that sends to me, Jamie!, or so the emails are named as, is a lovely lady. She’s sent the cutest email the other day about “My Five Boyfriends”. Too funny. Yeah, Jamie! You rock!
Ok, enough of my beeeaaaccchhhing. I’m off to do the linens and quilt, quilt, quilt then maybe a bit of knitting.

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Can we just ignore my posting from a few days ago about skipping the fair? I have no clue what I will do until Aug. 6th, when it’s all due for judging. I have finished handsewing the binding down and wanted a crazy look to go with my crazy quilt, so I dug out some pearl cotton that I have used on and off over the years to quilt with. Everything on this quilt came from my stash…great way to get it all used up. Some quilts need the fine handquilting thread, some don’t. Bigger stitches, faster to quilt, though…look at the tools I am needing to get this pearl cotton through. A rubber finger, my brass thimble, a size 20 chennile needle and lots of patience. Actually, it works really well having the rubber finger, helps slide that needle right through.

Finished baby sweater, while it is blocking I am trying to decide on the closer portions. I-cord is good, but too bulky with this cotton yarn, as it’s a bulky weight. Crochet? Ribbon? It only needs two areas for closer, the mid point below the chest and a inch below the collar. Needs to be simple since it’s about a size 6 month sweater.

I’m excited, I’m excited. J has gotten his housing assignment. Did I already write that yesterday. Luckily we will be staying there this coming Wednesday night, in the residence hall he has been assigned for Summerstart (so he can get his classes and such in order and theirs a family orientation too).

Fish fry at the neighbors tonight. K is already down there. I wanted to get a bit more done on the quilt before I have to leave it behind as a bonfire is the last place for my quilt to be. Will take my Trekking socks along to work on…pretty mindless. I can’t just go down and sit…a bit boring for a knitter.

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One Yard Fabric Swap

Head over to Iris’ blog, The Green Onion to find out more about the One Yard Fabric Swap she is putting together. It sounds like a fun time and for those of you in the Apron Along…this would be a fun addition to see what you get and what you can make with it.

Shopping at the Mall. JC Penney’s left one of those ink tags on DD#2’s new shirt. Needless to say I am not going to try to take it off. I will just have to go back later and have them do it. Pain in the behind.

J received his housing assignment. Not the residence he even had on his list of six…so he says. His roommate will be Christopher. Hmmm, hope they get along. It’ll be a long college school year if they don’t.

I’m ready for a nap. After reading the horrific evening Iris had, I need a nap for her.

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I return to work, two weeks from today. I can get alot done in two weeks or nothing at all. Hmmm.

I woke up this morning or we could say, I went to bed last night, believing today was payday. Crap! Monday is payday. The last business day of the month is always payday. I am in awe that I even though that as I’m more anal than Ms. Stewart when it comes to payday! Getting paid once a month keeps one on their toes.

For those that know of my 16 yo DD#1, she took and passed her driving test yesterday. Three times for the written and once for the driving. Seems the driving is not as easy as they think as a few teenagers yesterday while we were at the DOL, had not passed their first drive or A’s friend, was taking her third. I’m grateful that I have been letting Alex drive me everywhere (not a normal process in my book, folks) since Sunday. She did great at parallel parking, though she forgot to use the signal to pull out of it after she breezed right into the stall. She has been warned by the mighty Oz (aka: DH or K) that she does not get to go willy-nilly whenever she wants, that she will not get to drive to school unless circumstanses change, as in she gets a job she has to be at right after school, etc. She’s not happy about the bus issue. I’m sure lil’ K, DD#2, is not happy about the bus either, thinking getting a ride would be good.

Today A is off to the lake, I am finally letting her go, with her friends. I’m taking the other two shopping, Fred Meyers has a buy one get one half off shoe sale till tomorrow. They have Vanns which these two love. Then were are off to the mall for a new backpack and whatever else we can find for J for college. Lunch out sounds good, eh?

Off to knit and watch Sex in the City…great show!

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