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Deep olive green, soft dark red…yarn that is. Yet another order of yarns for two projects in the Vintage Knits book has arrived from elann.com. Gotta go work on my Veste Everest before anything else.


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Rooftop Room Cat, that is. Ah…dare I start to watch it now or…watch episode 14 on AZN tonight? Maybe just one little episode at a time.

Veste Everest is moving along. I started the front while working on the back…now where did I put that other circ. needle so I can have both going along. No knitting at work today, worked a straight eight…so tonight I hope to get a bit done.

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Memorial Day

Thank you to those that have fought for our freedom, have taken the last stand and will do so again. This Memorial Day is for you.

Sunday was a lazy day…sat at the dining room table, read Eunny’s blog from the first entry to date and knit on my vest. Not a whole lot done, between knitting, reading, knitting and reading. This morning was “garden” time, so I’ll grab some lunch and then have a sit down to knit a bit. BBQ at neighbors, will take knitting with me.

Since we stayed home last night and did not go to neighbors for BBQ, which will be tonight…chicken and tri-tip, I made up some rice and had the leftover China Express. Having been a part of an asian life for 12 years, I learned very quickly to make my favorite rice, Jasmine, in a pot, on the stove. No rice cooker for me, no siree. DD#2, who LOVES Jasmine rice, wanted a rice cooker. When Fred Meyer had one on sale, I picked it up… now she can make rice whenever she wants.

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In the works

“When I grow up…I will be a great knitter.” So you say, how old is this girl anyways? I’m old enough to be a parent of a soon-to-be high school grad (see below for more grad info and announcement pic).

For the one or two people that visit my blog, you may have remembered me saying a long while ago, that I was tired of chunky, fast knits. I wanted something more classic, more involved. Friday I was chugging threw a few blogs, of course, went to Eunny’s and it hit me again. Damn it. Why do I knit? What or who am I knitting for? After the moment of finding my yarn splice was not good on the back of the vest I had started last Sunday, I decided to start on the Veste Everest. This was my first choice last weekend, but then decided to do something quick…with only a 16 st cable in the front. Now really, do I need a vest, right now, that fast, giving me cause to knit the plain and functional? No. I haven’t ripped the back out yet, but as you can see I started on Veste Everest. Very simple cable stitch pattern…lots of ribbing though.

I believe I also did myself a disservice when I cleaned out all of my knitting needles and giving all the long straights to my daughters. I’m now finding I am asking for needles back, digging through DD#2 stash (she’s camping). I ended up with aluminum needles, which tend to have the ends constantly go up and down, as they are quite weighted. We may need to reestablish a community area for these needles so those that have a project to knit up and need them can get to them.

I may or maynot pickup some bamboo size US 6 after taking other two kiddos into town to their Dad’s. My luck will be the stitches slide better on the aluminum vs. the bamboo.

Went to the Yarn Garden yesterday, after the Tacoma Metro Parks annual plant sale, where DD#1 (A), girlfriend Mary and I went to. A and I each picked up a gallon lavendar plant with flowers on them…can’t wait to harvest those little buds for sachets. Oh, the Yarn Garden was nice…the new store is a great little layout and in a great little spot with parking available. The yarn prices are a killer though. I spent just under $5 for another cable needle and a box of 35 blocking T pins. Whewhew…big spender. We proceeded to walk around looking for a cafe’ for lunch, but I was running out of time as neighborhood BBQ was happening and I needed to be home for that. We hit Wendy’s for a chicken sandwich and fries, went to JoAnn’s to get Sally Melville’s Knitting Experience Book 1: The Knit Stitch for coworker Debbie. They didn’t have it, so off to Michael’s we went. They had several copies and they take JoAnn coupons. Nothing like a good 40% discount.

Here is Jake’s grad announcement card. It has the announcement inside printed on vellum paper and then tied in with ribbon. It took all day last weekend to make 18 of these. Girlfriend insisted I send announcements out to everyone. I didn’t purchase them as they were a ridiculous amount of money. His last day of school is June 9 (eight school days left for him) and he graduates on June 16th. WWU here he comes.

Today, I would like to stay home, but the kids will go see their Dad and I hear from the BBQ last night, that I will be spending today and tomorrow with the neighbors again. OK…I will be bringing my knitting then. I can’t just sit there. Too boring…though I can sit and knit and chat and be very, very happy.

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Don’t you just hate to frog…rip it, rip it, rip it. Tonight, while watching the AZN channel with DD#1, I spliced my Highland Wool for the back of my vest. Several rows later I look at it and it doesn’t look good. Damn, damn, damn. I will join the new yarn at the side seam area…no gapping holes.

I usually work the new yarn in and the old yarn out for all my projects like I do with my fair isle. But I don’t want the bulk to show since there is no texture or color variation on the back.

I’m back on track now…just giving DD#1, 40 more minutes to finish watching a CSI espisode.

There are very few shows I love. “Lost” is one of them. I watch Survivor with my family. The rest I could care less about. But….

My newest passion is a Korean Drama. I call it my Korean Soap Opera. I’ve been running around school for two days doing my Korean Soap Opera wave. Too fun.

I have always loved international films. Subtitles don’t scare me…though they do cut into my knitting time.

I’m always telling the girls to turn it up…though I can’t quite understand what they are saying…but it is just part of it with the subtitles…the tone, the way it gets across.

Rooftop Room Cat is terrific. DD#2 and I ordered the dvd collection last Friday. I believe it is either coming from CA or HongKong. Too cool.

I have to giggle, but the two main characters sooooo remind me of my dear, beloved ex-husband. Even my girls agreed. You just love to hate em’.

Off to knit some more on the back of my vest.

Tomorrow is the plant sale with Mary, a bite out for lunch with her and DD#1, JoAnn’s and then maybe, just maybe, a yarn shop. I’ll settle for JoAnn’s, must find Knitting Experience Book #1 for coworker, Debbie. A great book that has her itching to knit up more projects.

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Sunday I started another vest, from Peruvian Collection Highland Wool I purchased from elann.com. While getting the rib done and starting the back of the vest, I started and finished reading Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich. What a lovely, restful evening. Reading a light hearted and funny book while knitting. Now that’s what I call a great time.

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Side-Way Ribs

Side-Way Ribs Sweater:
Pattern: Norah Gaughan, Knitscene Magazine Fall/Winter 05
Yarn: Schoeller Stahl Wonderwool Tweed, purchased from elann.com
Yarn Contents: 51% virgin wool, 43% acrylic, 6% nylon
Needles: US 13
Started: March 26, 2006
Completed: May 20, 2006

Knit in two pieces, left and right, reversing front bind offs. Sweater is not suppose to meet in middle on front section. Super easy to knit…the sleeves are a bit longer than what I would usually want. I love the color and softness at first touch, but the fiber is actually a bit scratchy. This will be a great sweater to throw on with a long sleeve t-shirt.

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