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Oh my goodness…Stephanie sent me the most incredible “Mystery Swap” package. Look at all that yarn goodness. She did some research on me…Andrean Silk by KnitPicks in Cranberry will become a wonderful scarf, oh sooooo soft…the Regia Cotton Tip & Top Color sock yarn was being fondled by my DD#1, A. Lotus Blossom yarn called Twinkletoes in “Trippy” colorway, fabulous. The Celtic Woman CD is awesome…I listened to a bit of it in the car while waiting for A to be done with Soccer practice. I just love the “Baby It’s You” hat pattern that is also a notecard…how adorable, I’m still amazed at all of this. The box contents didn’t seem to end…two books, At Knit’s End by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, whom I sat a few feet away from at the Winter Knitting Retreat in Tacoma, Washington back in February and “The Little Friend” by Donna Tartt. KTC has opened my world of books up where I would not have gone on my own…thank you Stephanie, you are a gem among gems!


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May-Eat Local Challenge

Jennifer wrote to say May will be an Eat Local Challenge. Check out more details on her blog Life Begins at 30. I need to research how one can stand up to this challenge for more than the summer/fall harvest months. How do we take it into winter? Stock up on more home canning, freeze harvest from local farmers as well as our own gardens? Much to think about while I knit on my sweater.

Stephanie…see edit comment in Side-Ways Rib Sweater post below for pattern info.

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Side-Way Ribs by Norah Gaughan. OK…so I can be a serious knitting “follower” at times. When I see a great knitter make a fantastic project, I want to jump on that bandwagon. So I have.

Check out Iris, of The Green Onion. She is taking a break as she is crazy-busy, so not much has been posted by her. She did post photos of the Side-Way Ribs sweater she made with the lovely handspun she created. Wow! Well, I am going to use the yarn I purchased for my Streakers Shrug…really, how many shrugs can a girl have, right?

This is going really fast. I’m a third of the way up the left arm and only have under two hours of knit time in on it. Yeah! Not that I want to be “done”, I’m just really enjoying my knitting time with this project.

Hope to post a pic by Friday or Saturday.

Spring Break starts at 3pm this Friday for me…yahoo!

Edited: 3/29/06 Stephanie asked where to get the pattern. You can find the Side-Way Ribs Sweater in Knitscene. I just know I saw it at the Yarn Garden, but didn’t purchase it. No…I had to spend an extra $4.50 for shipping to get the “now-back-issue” in my hands. It’s a Interweave Mag publication and has a lot of wonderful pieces that I like. Yarn update: I am using Schoeller Stahl Wonderwool Tweed I purchased from elann.com.

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Poetry Monday

The afternoon is bright,
with spring in the air,
a mild March afternoon,
with the breath of April stirring,
I am alone in the quiet patio
looking for some old untried illusion –
some shadow on the whiteness of the wall
some memory asleep
on the stone rim of the fountain,
perhaps in the air
the light swish of some trailing gown.
– Antonio Machado, 1875-1939
Selected Poems, # 3, Translated by Alan S. Trueblood

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Finally. A finished project. I started this back in January, didn’t get very far, maybe 6 or so inches up the body until this past week, where I put my needles to work. I finished it this morning, now what to work on? LOL

I used the Cabled Vest from Blue Alvarez Design as the pattern base, proceeded to turn the cable upside down, not at all intentional though, but just kept with the pattern I had set it as, finishing the arms, neck and the waist band in a K1,P1 rib. The neck is suppose to be a roll-neck, but didn’t care for how it was looking, now it’s more of a boat-neck look, more finished. Figures that I would finish just in time for Spring, as my internal temperature starts to rise. I may try to wear this once this week with a collared shirt and some capris…it’s conference week at school (before a week of Spring Break), casual time for me. Actually once March hit, I ditched the tights and nylons for some artifically colored brown legs, it’s amazing what a bottle of sunless tanning lotion can do for the spirit.

A super easy pattern, but one time was enough, possibly the German Clock Vest next.

Started: January 17, 2006
Finished: March 26, 2006
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in “Wheat”, 6 skeins
Needle size: US 8 circulars in 24″ and 16″ length
Done in time for Spring Break: Priceless

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A bit of this and that

I did work on my vest today. I’m not sure what length I want it from the bottom to the armshaping. Guess I’ll know once I get to that length, 12 inches or 15 inches.

Today was a very strange day. We have another week to go before Spring Vacation. That officially starts after 3pm, March 31st and I don’t have to go back until 6:30 am on April 10.

Today there was a lockdown at the high school. This caused an impact on the busing for the rest of the schools as the decided to send the high school students home. What a day.

DD#1, aka: A learned how to make fritata’s in cooking class today. So…take one part cramps, two parts of mental exhaustion from work and one darling daughter that is learning to cook and you get Mom out of cooking and A in the kitchen.

I think I’ll go knit now….

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A room with a view…

The relation of this picture with knitting is what I see when I sit in my wingchair, looking out as I knit. It was about 6:15 p.m. when I snapped this photo. To the left of the woodland island is the path to my garden. To the right is our driveway to our private, gravel road. The field looks terrible, but the ducks are loving all the water in it. I should plant wildflowers around the edges of the woodland island, but either the ducks, chickens or that rascley-mountain beaver I saw run across the garden path last evening would eat/dig them up.

I should be getting my clothes ready for work tomorrow and getting ready for the Corpse Bride, the movie choice tonight. DH said a new “Lost” is on…but Tivo will take care of that, now won’t it?

I am making a great bit of progress on my cable vest…I plan on making it more of a waist-length vest, leaving my shirttails to hang out.

You know what just gets me, I am hardly getting any knitting done. What is with that? I have such great ideas, plans, thoughts that run through my head, but I can’t get my knitting-act together. I need to change that.

There are some awesome knitters out there that crank sweaters out like a bubblegum machine, quick as a wink and gorgeous. I don’t want to make “chunky” (make myself look even bigger) sweaters to have a Fo to show for it. I want “lucious, luxury, wow, you knit that garmet” for me, me, me. OK…I’m so very on the PMS kick…I had cramps so bad this morning, I swore I was having back labor again and no baby to show for it. LOL

Enough bitchin’.

On a good note: I order One Skein at 6 am before heading off to work from KnitPicks. I have yet to even look at the contents of this book to see if it would pass my “QC” for book purchasing. Taking a chance afte seeing what others had knit from it. Another book to de-stash and to use my handspun.

Off to iron, movie watch and work on my vest….

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