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Last night I decided to start working on an afghan for my college-bound son. I started with the psychedelic square, knitting up three, with each taking approx. 40 minutes. Didn’t know if I was liking this, so this morning I searched some more and found the Diamond Afghan Recipe. The later will probably be what I go with. I have lots of scrap yarn to use up and wanted to have a take-a-long project that was small. I was thinking of making a scrap quilt, though I still might. The bed size in the dorms are Twin. So, I can either do 12 x 16 squares, giving me just under the recommeded finished size for a Twin. I will probably add a crocheted border around the outside edges with would add that extra little bit I need.


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Remember the Wattle Fence that I wrote about previously? Well, today I actually made a small one for my newly planted bulb garden. It took about an hour and half, this includes planting Glads, Frescia and two others I don’t have the name of at the moment. To keep the girls out (my chickens) I figured this would be a good place to start practicing making wattle fences. Alex likes it, so I guess having DD#1’s approval is good enough. I do like the “natural” part of it, no cost involved and it just feels like part of my gardening day to create this.

Looking to the North in my garden after the three yards of bark I laid out a few weeks back. The rain, walking upon it and the chickens have helped to pack it down. I will need more, hoping to complete all bark before Spring Break as I need to start staining and repainting the trim on the garden shed.

Spring break is 25 working days away. Not only will I hope to have the garden in great shape but I would like to get as much “spinning time” in as possible.

In knitting news: I started on the lovely Hip Knits Silk that Lucie Fluff (SP7) sent. What have I started with this silky goodness? The Kiri shawl from All Tangled Up. I’m on chart 1 and haven’t boo-booed yet. No life-line added so far, but I do have my markers in place. The silk is a bit tricky to work with, wants to run off the ball sooner than I need it, much like when I made the Flower Basket Shawl with the SWTC Bamboo yarn.

Son is at work, DD#1 is at Retro-80’s tolo (11 pm pickup by Mom, ugh), DD#2 is playing WWII with DH and others from all over the world while dinner is in the oven.

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I believe this makes the third pair in February. I’m tellin’ you, Second Sock Syndrome exists, with gusto, I might add. And it’s not that I put the needles down after sock #1 of the pair and didn’t cast on for the 2nd. I did…it would just take “forever” to complete.

While picking up stitches on the after-thought heel at 6am this morning, before heading off to work, I noticed I screwed up “big time“.

Here’s why: I originally started, two socks, top down on two circs. I prefer dbl pts (I have this thing about “the old ways”, like handknits and handquilting), so I took one sock off the circs and put onto the needles. This was one of those huge one-skein for a pair of socks Opal sock yarn. I had one thread from the middle and one from the outside, all starting at the same color.

I had to clip the inside of skein thread as I knew there would be a tangled mess if I didn’t. Sooooo, long story short, I should have picked up the yarn from the inside of the skein to continue on sock #2 when I realized this morning I picked and knitted with the yarn from the outside.

My once matching stripes “Bumble Bee Socks”, are now off by a full stripe. Duh! I’m not frogging, I am accepting that I am human and make mistakes. I also accept that unlike some, I can live with “not perfect”.

But hey, lesson learned. I don’t care for doing two socks on two circs at the same time, though I’m sure this so stops that “Second Sock Syndrome”.

I have my Cable Vest to work on and the lovely Hip Knits Silk that I balled up tonight…wow, that was alot of work. My ballwinder was letting some of the silk slip, so I had to finish half of the skein winding by hand. Talk about “weight”. The little ball is heavy. Still looking into what pattern I will use.

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Wow, my SP7 (aka:Lucie Fluff) sent the most amazing package full of sheep postcards, pictures, a booklet on British Sheep Breeds, a skein of Laceweight Hand-dyed silk from Hip Knits.

Look at the most adorable hat that Lucie Fluff made for me…me, not my daughter, who is modeling it for the pic, but me…but do we really think my darling, sweet, loveable, adorable, drives-me-crazy daughter #1 will listen to me. The hat is from MagKnits Feb 2006. The Odessa pattern by Grumperina. Guess I will need to print the pattern and make one for her ’cause she’s not getting mine…or she’ll end up a “caddy lamb”. LOL

Thank you Lucie Fluff…everything is so outstanding. I have thought to make the Clapotis or the Flower Basket Shawl with the beautiful silk.

What a great way to start to weekend.

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My SP knows I love Sheep

The postbox had a lovely Sheep Postcard waiting for me today. It made its journey Via Royal Mail from my SP7. Lucie Fluff (aka: SP7), you seem to know how much I LOVE sheep. I enjoyed the story of your grandparents farm and will think of orphaned lambs as “caddy lambs” and think of you.

This postcard, will make its way into my 2006 Knitting Scrapbook, along with the other postcard I received. My love for sheep, caddy or not, will never fade.

In knitting news. I’m half done with the second sock in the Opal Bumble Bee Yarn (aka: 2 yo UFO). I am reading Life of Pi for the March Knit the Classics book and working along on my sock. Thankfully, the sock is mindless at this stage.

We had our BSD knit night up at Cutter’s Point Coffee last night. Always shutting the place down, lights are partially turned out to let us know it is time to go. We hadn’t met since, I believe October of last year. A good four months. As a group, we have decided that once a month to meet will keep us all going and yet not put a strain on having too much on the calendar.

I really need to finish that sock tonight…I also want to get back into my vest so I can move onto my “Spring” projects.

In gardening news. My tomato starts (plum) are doing great. I have lettuce started and perineal flowers going as well. I plan to get the pepper seeds sowed in the next week or so. The plants are loving my four shelf mini-green house in the southern exposure window of the dining room area in the great room. Warmth, daylight and daily attention from me.

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Over two years ago I started these socks, one skein of Opal in “BumbleBee”, two at a time, top-down on two circs. Yeah, try wrestling with taking the yarn from two ends, it was not the funnest project to start up.

So…I knit down about 4 inches and stopped…two years ago. Wow…talk about mental block on that project.

Well, I’ve finished two other pairs of socks this week and decided to jump back into my BumbleBee buddies. I also went back to my trusted doublepoint needles. I did pickup a pair of Size US 2 in the shorter, 6″ inch sock length on Friday when the girls and I went to Weaving Works in Seattle.

I’m just a few inches away from getting to toe decreasing on sock #1. Wish me luck.

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Completed Socklettes

I sat down this morning and got the second sock done. These socks are for K, DD#2.

Yarn: Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4 Ply
Color: Deep Forrest Green
Size: Women’s US 7
Start to Finish: 48 hours

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