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If they only knew…

…how ironic this setting it…Eany & Meany perched on the axe handle. Nothing is put in the pan here, except the eggs. Farm fresh is the best. These two chickens were born in late August of this year, with their sibbling, Mo. Their mom was a Buff Orphington, Eggy, all yellow and our oldest chicken, three plus years. Dad is a Barred Banty named Bob. Kids look like Bob, nothing like Mom. Eggy and Mo were most likely taken by a coyote, as Eggy hatched the three chick in the Oregon Grape outside of our deck area…she was afraid we would take her eggs, so she hid until the kids hatched. Sad that Mo and Eggy are gone, but Eany & Meany are quite the pair to watch.


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I have made progress on my HGS, though I was busy washing the woodfloors by hand yesterday, and spinning, I have dedicated 20 minutes a day on the new wheel.

I am almost to the top of the sweater where you divide for the yoke and have about 1/3 of the first sleeve done.

Thanks to Iris for the link, I have some inexpensive Clover 12″ circs coming in size 8 and 10, u.s., that will be of great help for future sweaters. Just received an email that size 8 is on back order…so I will be waiting several weeks before it ships. No hurry…I have enough to keep me busy.

Off to taxi my youngest kiddo around, pickup her buddy Cody, run to Tram-Law (Wal-Mart) for a bucket of paintballs and then hit the library for a book I believe I will be reading over the New Year.

Here’s Buttercup, after Max pawed the gardenwindow to be let in. Lots of rain and wind blowing pineneedles all over the deck. More rain to come.

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The Phone Call…

It was “Directory Assistance”. There was a message for me from my Uncle. I called back, line was busy. Wow, I knew something was up if I was getting a message via phone to return the call.

I am very sad to say my Aunt Pat passed away on Christmas morning. I talked to my cousin to get the date for the funeral, Jan. 4th. Left a message for my supervisor that I would going to the funeral, in Portland, so won’t be in that day. The first day back to school after winter break…I know they will survive without me.

At dinner, the family decided that the kids should go as well. I could use the company driving down and just be part of the family gathering.

My Uncle is taking it very hard. I am assuming my other Uncle will be flying up for the funeral as well. Not the best way to be with the family, but I plan to go…waiting for more details.

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New Kromski Wheel

Santa was good to me. Here’s a pic of my new spinning wheel. It came with four bobbins and a knitty-knoddy. Now to order a lazy kate to go with it. I made a pad for it out of scarp fleece and the fabric used on booted pj’s, the non-skid bumpy fabric, since we have woodfloors, my wheel would go sliding across.

I did manage to get about 20 minutes yesterday and today in on the new wheel. Yeah!

A bit of laundry and knitting to be done.

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Merry Christmas

Here it is Christmas Eve…Merry Christmas to everyone!

A day of “Harry Potter” (I knit Kellie’s hat while at the movies), Prime Rib dinner made by Kevin, about to frog the body of my Hourglass Sweater as gauge is less per inch than the swatch (ah..the round vs. flat knit) and I have my Cozy wrapped around my shoulders as I sit in my favorite chair as it was about 63 degrees today, too warm for the woodstove, yet not cool enough to turn on the heat. I love my Cozy and always keep it draped over my wing chair.

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Another moment…

Winter Break: Two weeks
Time to knit: Wonderful
18 Skeins of Gedifra in Light Orange: $20 total (stash reduction sale at Knitting Retreat)
Finding circs for Hourglass Sleeves: Priceless…

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December 23…

I am a bit behind. I usually have all my cards made and out in the mail by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. We usually don’t wait until December 22 to go Christmas shopping. I just finished the last card to one of the neighbors, now I can give them the Almond Roca and a fresh dozen eggs from our chickens. Whew!

Working on my Hourglass Sweater, but please, tell me, if you know, where does one get 12″ length circular knitting needles? Knitpicks has sizes US 1, 2 and 3, not a 8 or 10 like I need. I will have to use dbl pts or two circs. For those of you that have finished this sweater, what did you use for the sleeves.

Off to get ready for the day & evening holiday gethering at the neighbors…post office, pick up Jake’s prescription and home to knit. Yeah, I don’t have to cook dinner tonight.

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