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Book Reviews

A few newly published books were obtained from the county library. Here’s my review on them…but you really need to see them for yourself.

My number one criteria for a knitting book to land in my book shelf is just how many of the patterns in the book that I like/to my taste.

Rated on a scale, 1-10, 10 being the best.

Sally Melville’s The Knitting Experience Book 3: Color
Gets a 5 rating, just because the instruction pictures were very detailed and just great. The patterns however, left my mouth dry (no yarn drooling here). I picked up the book last night and returned it today for….

Big Knitting by Sophie Britten.
Right now it gets an 8. I would purchase this book. I’m trying to get away from “chunky” but there were some very simple, make it and wear it patterns in there. It’s not the size 2 or 3 needles like in Vintage Knits, but this one, along with Vintage Knits will land on my book shelf. The reason it didn’t get a 10 is due to the fact that the one pattern I am looking at knitting up used a yarn only available, or so it seems from research on the web, in the UK. Textere Destiny Mohair. I couldn’t find a whole lot on it. I have some Divine that could be used up easily with this mohair t-shirt type pattern. Perfect to go with my skirts for work. Will read more of the pattern to decide.

Off to finish din-din…happy snow to all and to all a good knitting time.


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Sheep Socks-Finished

These socks will be my “spinning socks”…especially if Santa Kevin brings me the Kromski Spinning wheel I asked for. Though more than budget allows, I know he’s working on getting it for me.

If not, then the sheep socks will be for spinning on my old wheels…they are a warm, snuggly wool pair of socks, perfect for my winter boots, but too bulky in the intarsia area.

Talking on the phone tonight, my hands were starting to hurt…time to give them a break. Will go peruse the KnitPicks site to see what I can add to my wishlist for 2006.

Happy knitting to all…and only 26 days till Christmas…may all your handknits be merry.

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What a lovely surprise to find at the post office as I went for mail today after work. Look at the wonderful goodies inside the box…3 skeins of soysilk, some beautiful stitch markers (5 in all), Dancing Spirit Pins Kit to make some groovey pins for my scarves/shawls, T-w-i-z-z-l-e-r-s…(SP you Rock) and a beautiful, handknit scarf, so soft, fluffy and lacey. Diving into closet to find proper attire to wear with said scarf.

Thank you, Holiday SP. You made this a wonderful exchange.

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Intarsia Sheep Sock

Well, here is a close up of my Intarsia Sheep Sock. Does it look like a ewe? I’m off to start the second sock, would like to get it done by tonight so I can move on to something else. Nothing like SSS (second sock syndrome). I’ll take a pic of the pair one done…the foot portion is perfect for my long feet. The calve portion is a bit bulky…due to intarsia. Why do I hate intarsia, all the finishing of weaving in those loose threads. Yuck.

Holiday tree is almost done, Alex still needs to get her ornaments up. I put up my Santa collection and my little village as well. The wreaths are up by the front door, the lights are on the timer out on the Garden Shed. Stockings are hung on the handrail on the staircase. I’m done. Except for finishing making presents to give and wrapping them, and the cards too…but I’m done decorating.

To my holiday SP…thank you for the emails and keeping in touch. I’m sure my blog at times sounds depressing…i.e. my pre-lit christmas tree disaster. Lesson learned.

My other accomplishment today was cleaning up my book shelf in my craft loft…all my knitting, spinning, dyeing, rug hooking and quilting books are straightened and in a nice order. Mags too…Interweave Knits, SpinOff and Wild Fibers…ready for my perusing.

Baa…off to knit.

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Willy Wonkand Intarsia

No pic to show what I decided to start tonight while watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…”you’re weird”. LOL

After six hours of my life, actually more than six, as I was up by 5:20 a.m., out the door and sitting in front of JoAnn’s at 5:55 a.m. waiting for the rain to hopefully slow down and that really, really long line extending from JoAnn’s past Safeway to dwindle down. I had my 20% off total purchase coupon and I was set to by a 7′ pre-lit Monterey Pine Christmas Tree. But…oh, no…no coupons on what they called a “best value”. I didn’t buy the Monterey Pine they had sitting there, mocking me…Ok…so I bought yet another Ott Light…this one for my work table in my craft area in the loft. I LOVE my floor Ott Light I always use when knitting (my eyes are getting old).

I get home around 6:30 a.m., didn’t go back to bed, got the woodstove roaring again, had a cup of coffee, fed the rabbit and sat to knit….still working on the simple v-neck pullover I started at retreat…it’s mindless knitting, it won’t be a quick project to get done, too boring. After knitting for several hours and watching HGTV…I kept thinking about that tree. Alex said she would go with me to go purchase it…so I didn’t get $20 off, I’d live.

Another long line, grabbed another pair of Clover shorts as I can’t find my size 9’s, had a 50% off coupon for that…only $2.25 for the needles…bonus. The box was smashed for the Christmas tree…it was the last one…it wasn’t the Monterey, it was the Slim Poleline tree. “Can I bring it back if there is a problem, being that the box was smashed,?” yada, yada. “Yes, with a receipt”.

Well, home we went…I read the instructions, I put things together and what happens…the middle section has only half the lights working. Ok…how does one fix this. What’s this…a busted bulb on the top section…unplug tree lights, take out light…get spares that came with…spares do not fit these lights. Kevin was willing for me to keep the tree just to make me miserable as he did not want the tree in the first place. A branch is broken…ok, time to load it up and take it back.

Needless to say, three trips today…all spaced out in good time…and they were fine about giving a refund, but not the happiest and I felt like I was the evil one for bringing it back. I hate to take things back…Kevin knows it too.

Since debit was my choice for payment…I get cash back (they already had my money being it was a bank day). Kellie and I are on our way back to Graham to get the mail from the post office and I swing by to get us a Frosty. Num. Going up the hill past LRI, but to the new light at the Graham Fire Station on Meridian…the Tahoe sputters and spits…I ran out of gas…turned onto the new street, verily, as there is NO steering when the power goes off in the Tahoe. Luckily I had my cell phone with me and I called Kevin. We were only three miles from home…but three cold miles as I had been eating a frosty and I didn’t have jacket (I was soooo hot from putting up and taking down that damn tree). Kevin didn’t get mad, didn’t say a single comment as I never have run out of gas and he has it happen to him a few times. Silly goose.

Have I mentioned I’m not a fan of Intarsia…half of the Sheep Sock (pattern which I printed out from the internet April 30, 2001 <—-notice the year)I did in intarsia…then went back to my trusted and faithful fair isle technique. What was I thinking?

Enough…I’ve given you the low-down on my day…I still have kids to take home from Alex’s movie night…only a half hour more till I can drive them home…

Looking forward to some zzzzzzz’s…..we will be off to get the usual Christmas tree at one of the Orting tree farms…why break tradition, right?

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Drum roll please…

Yup…just finished another present…drum roll please as we roll out the next one to be worked upon.

Shhhh…can’t tell what it is…as I see old people….the hills have eyes, yada, yada.

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After dinner it’s off to Fred Meyers (ugh) to pick up a few last things for the Thanksgiving feast at Randy’s place. What a treat to get to walk through the “Drunkard’s Path” (for you quilt makers out there…I know you’ve heard of this pattern) to go from our house to Randy’s. Kind of like “Over the river and through the woods (we have alot of both) to Randy’s house we go, with a bottle of wine and pies devine, we won’t miss the snooooowwww….”.

I am just rows away from being done with yet another handmade Christmas present. That still leaves me quite a few for my co-workers to create and my dd#2 wants a green and black ribbed hat. That’ll be a stocking stuffer.

Off to iron tomorrows work clothes, finish making dinner, shop and get home to watch last weeks “Lost” before tomorrow night hits.

Catch you on the RS…

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