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I’m so Sari….so Sari

Thanks to my knitting connection at work,Heide, I now have three beautiful skeins of recycled silk. Knitting friends…”it’s a good thing”. Thanks Heide…you rock!

Wait…only four getups till I’m on the road to Ft. Worden. Wahoooo.

Another good thing today was my KnitPicks order arrived at the post office. Due to taking Kellie up to Eatonville tonight and spending the evening at Marjorie’s chatting while Kellie was at the Elliff’s party…I wasn’t able to ball up the skeins of yarn I got. I also got the Mary Jane Cardigan pattern. It’s a busy pattern, so it will take some serious “sit down and read” without interruption.

Well, I must run, Martha is feeding a bat…the wolf or was that fox bat was adorable. The thing in her hand right now looks like a miniture furby. The vampire bat looked scary. Ok..now I won’t be soooo scared of the bats that fly around here. I know when they are coming…you can hear their cries.

Dang it…there was that Tassimo coffee machine again…on Martha, of course.

Nighters…and happy knitting dreams to you all.


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Uh, yeah. What was my body thinking. Just yesterday, my nerves were singing (you know, that creepy feeling your body gets when it needs more sleep) when I woke up to my usual 5am weekday alarm.

Last night I watched over three hours of Martha. For those that are not fans, skip this part and don’t hold it against me. I still watch her show.

While watching the telly, I was able to get one of three scarves I need to have done by this morning to take to my neighbors who needs two to replace the one I made her at the beginning of this year. It can be soooo hard to recreate the same scarf when I used a skein of some silky yarn that I only had one skein of mixed with another novelty yarn. So I figured I’d do three scarves within the color range of the firt one I made and let her pick. Again, my nerves were singing and telling me to get to bed.

It poured down rain all night. Waking to it with our open ceiling and the metal roofing we have was not putting me back to bed. I had plans of garden work all day, but I think I will save that for later this afternoon or tomorrow.

Right now I will finish the second scarf, start the third then head out for a bit of groceries to stock the pantry as payday has arrived.

Six days till knitting retreat….yahoo.

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Spells for Knitting

Isn’t this just toooooo cute. Thanks Bonnie, it rocks! I swear Bonnie is hording knitting and sheep items in her office…just magically (yes, pun intended) appearing at a moments notice.

I’ll be a knitter till the end…so just cross my hands into the knittin’ position when you put me to rest.


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Fort Worden Ghosties

Ok…all I wanted to find was a picture of where we stay at Fort Worden. This is what I got. It is an old Fort…Port Townsend has lots of history and of course, there just had to be a few “Jack Sparrow’s” running around a good 120+ years or so ago.

No wonder I stay up really, really late and will need a drink to sleep a whole 5 or 6 hours…ghosties. I’m a big fraidy-cat. But the knitting retreat is worth a few thrills and goose-bumps.

Just one week and one day! Mary and I will be on our way.

This is about the 20th year of the retreat. Mary scared me today when she called and asked if I had read my email from Pat (coordinator of the retreat these past few years). Uh, no…and in a shear desperate voice, “is it cancelled?”. No…Pat just wants to lend out our room on the first two nights of retreat as we won’t be there till Friday. Not a problem.

Lots of knitting and eating and talking and walking and just having a good, old knittin’ time.

Sad note: Eggy is gone. We found feathers and her two little babies out of the three were wondering around, probably looking for her. After a good 30 minutes, we were able to get those two little adorable chicks rounded up and into the chicks pen in the chicken coop. It’s gonna be cold tonight…I don’t want to find frozen chickens in my yard.

Off to knit…

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Here they are…thought I’d get a pic in before work.

Is it Friday yet?

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Baby got booties…

It’s late…like 10:10 p.m., I’m still trying to warm up from tonights GKHS vs. BHS girls varsity soccer game. The last game for this year, the weather was beyond miserable, I couldn’t even knit. Luckily, I had an hour to sit in the car until the game started while Alex was at warm up. I am over 50% done on my Rabbit Track scarf with the Rowan Tweed.

I did knit up a pair of baby booties Sunday/Monday. I spun up a 50/50 angora/mohair in natural white/grey and want to make another pair of booties in newborn size. Just about every pattern out there for booties has a seam, why oh why. Socks don’t have seams, why booties. My booties don’t have seams. Either I kitchner stitch the sole or I start there.

How can we “just say no to seams”? Though, Suzanne took a Finishing Class up at Hilltop Yarns and from the looks of her latest project, Hester the mouse, she is now A1 in seaming.

My Simple Pie Vest used the three needle bind off for the shoulder seams. Now, to just transfer that same pattern to “in the round” until the arm shaping takes place…it would also be a seam free item. Hmmm, I may have to work on that one.

I’m done with the hot chocolate…time to crawl to bed and hit the lights….

Happy knitting to all and to all a good night.

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I’ve gone to this event for years…sometimes skipping a year…but since Jake was a baby. Today Diane, Ariel and I went…what a bust. Parking was $6, tickets were $8.50, but Diane had a coupon from the newspaper for $1 off…to eat lunch was the price of parking and entrance. We skipped lunch, purchased a smoothie and hit Frugals on the way home for a cheeseburger. I can’t believe I left with money in my pocket too. The only items I purchased were an E-Z Reader for my books, it has a tension spring in it to keep the book open…perfect for me to knit and read at the same time. I saw this last year and luckily they had some on a discountinued fabrics rack. My other purchase was a cute card from an artist from Port Townsend (where I am headed in less than two weeks). It’s a Ewe knitting a sweater from the wool of another sheep, while the other sheep sits and reads (with glasses) a book on How to Knit with Wool. Diane found this while we were shopping. I need to find a cute frame…or a shawdow box that I can retire some knitting needles and a swatch of knitted wool to it. Too, too cute.

Off to work on the baby booties I started when I came home (early, even Kevin noticed I was home WAYYYYYY early compared to other years from the event).

Happy knitting to all…and to all a good week.

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