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To Let on Fair Isle

Thanks to Liberty’s Yarn for this great link…

Two homes, a small one story and a large “Laird’s” home for let on Fiar Isle, established 65 persons on a island in the Shetland’s only three miles long and a mile across. For only 300 English Pounds a year (that’s less than $600.00 US dollars) this wonderful place is yours, I believe available May 2006.

(Insert Fiddler on the Roof’s: If I were a Rich Man) I’d so be there. The one vacation destination that I would travel to, the one place I would take many pills to keep me from panicking on the plane and the one place I have always wanted to go…the Shetland Islands.

For Let…Fair Isle

What a knitter’s dream this would be.


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Newborn Hat in Baby Alpaca

Baby hat is finished…from natural Baby Alpaca, so soft and yummy. I believe I have enough to make those bootie/socks too. Then back to the baby sweater.

I’m planning a knitting weekend with a tough of housecleaning and rabbit grooming thrown in.

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With a baby shower for co-worker in one week, I was feeling up to a quick, simple project with a skein of Baby Alpaca in natural white. So soft, so lush. I need to do the crown on the baby hat and that should leave me with just enough to do a pair of short, eyelet baby socks/booties.

Ok..not too crazy that the new episodes of Lost are on at 9pm, but it does give me two solid hours in front of the t.v., with my girls, who are also Lost fans. Kellie had a chance to catch up on the new season episode at 8pm last night as they replayed it. Cool in that sense.

I will be gettng back to my Grand Granny after I finish up the shower gifts. The Quickie Baby Sweater from D-Made blog is partially done. Pending no outtings this weekend, I should be all wrapped and ready by Sunday.

Wait…why is it only Thursday? What is with these weeks dragging out soooooo longggggg. I’m ready for Winter Holiday…ok, Thanksgiving Holiday…anything with a substantial amount of time off from being at school.

Happy knitting to all….

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Grand Granny Square

Grand Granny Recipe: Take many skeins of chunky acrylic (ones you will never make anything out of) from you stash…let stand at room temp. until you decide the crochet hook size you will need to use. Go to the Lion Brand Yarns site and print out the Grand Granny Square Afghan pattern…read directions and start it on Sunday afternoon.

I really felt the need to put my knitting down to relax my hands for a few days as they were starting to hurt…but I just can’t sit and do nothing. So…it’s crochet for a few days. Let’s see how long it will take me to make up this Grand Granny Square into a size to fit on our bed. Very country colors. Ok…I love natural fibers, but natural fibers on my bed with my dh and our Boxer would not work…use up all that acrylic for a very washable, made with love coverlet for our country cabin.

Fingers crossed I’ll finish it by this weekend (will I run out of chunky acrylics first? )

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Poncho from Handspun

Here’s my Poncho..using the Elann.com pattern, Peruvian Collection Cuzco Poncho Pattern. I had made some handspun several years ago, very chunky and just right for this poncho. I could have used a bigger needle size, going up to US 17…but the US 15 worked just fine. Alex say’s they are out of style…I don’t care..I just finished knitting it…I have to wear it.

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Do ya think?

Postponed in Texas
Though, knitters are very tough and bounce back…I’m sure there may have been a few that tried to make it to the event.

My thoughts and prayers are with the folks in the area Hurricane Rita has come through and where it is destined. I truly cannot immagine having my house torn down by mother nature or flooded with all my belongings destroyed. Hang in there…better days are to come.

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Poncho Finished..

I finished the Poncho I started a week and half ago…or something like that. I blocked it tonight and it’s drying. Will photo pic it tomorrow. Started hat for neighbors buddy (the single guy thing) and the Quickie Baby Sweater from D-Made’s blog…in a pink cotton. Eyes are getting heavy…time for sleep.

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