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No pic of the GKHS scarf…looks alot better once the fringe was put on. I did that this morning, at 5:45 a.m. while eating my cereal as I knew today would be long and now I’m drained, mentally and physically. I didn’t take a lunch break so no knitting.

Due to public domain of this blog, I can not post any comments about a certain someone that has gotten on one of the last few nerves I have. I do know I now have a new motto, “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer”. I would love to pour my heart out, but I’m gonna keep my mouth shut and keep a close eye on this person while I also CMA…..

Enough said…


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GKHS Scarf…

After knitting lace scarves and the FBS, knitting this chunky scarf is weird. It looks so out of place, but…I wanted a quick project to have to wear to the games and a whole six years of games I can wear it to. Alex will be there for three years and Kellie will follow the last three.

I’m over half done…will take with me to tonights Knitting Meetup.

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One last scarf…

after spending a quiet dinner with dh as the kids were in town seeing their daddio, I realized Alex’s soccer games will mostly be in the evening, a bit chilly, but fun. I know I had some royal blue, orange and white to make a quick, chunky scarf in the GKHS school colors.

So, this evening, while watching Life Aquatic or something with Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Kate Blanchet in it, I am half way done with the scarf. The games start the 6th of Sept., so I’ll have plenty of time to have this done and back to my WIP’s without a lick of guilt.

“Go Eagles”….

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I am convincing myself that I NEED to finish my WIP’s before starting another one. Maybe that’s why I wanted a simple, quick knit and finish project to do this weekend as nothing else seems to be finishing and off the needles.

I am going to finish the works in project, listed on the side with the percentage bars.

I have garden work that must be done after running the kids into town, then I will start on those projects.

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I just spent the last hour since posting the hat making some beaded stitch markers. I used memory wire and beads that are probably way too big, but I can’t imagine my big paws trying to put tiny, itty-bitty seed beads on this wire.

The two on the right are for my SP and the rest is for who ever shows up on Monday to our Knitty Weekly Meetup. I did make a few for myself, not pictured. I have enough beads to make a hundred more markers, interested in one? I’ll make it and send it to you.

Here’s the colors I have, pick a combo and I’ll get it done. Brown, red, orange, green, mixed earthy purples/greens/browns. Seriously, send your snail mail and the postie will deliver it.

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Weekend projects….

I sat down around 8:30 last night and started this Kids London Beanie, finished it up this morning after my union contract voting/meeting. Contract passed and I won one of the door prizes, $25.00 cash. Yeah, I hit Starbucks for a latte and a choc. muffin. Nummy.

I am planning to make a few more London Beanies, but in Adult size for the guy neighbors this year for Christmas. We have that cool neighborhood where we exchange gifts, have parties, bbq’s, can borrow and lend without question (usually tractors, log splitters, etc) or just chat.

I have a bit of running for Kellie to get her to and from a bday party for her buddy Cole, make dinner, then off to the Mall to get Jake his last year high school clothes.

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Friday night, pizza for the family and a good book from the library, Knit One, Kill Two. Itching to start a new project on the needles, but haven’t quite decided what…off to think about it.

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