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Being a good knitty yarn diet girl, I even held back from buying yet another stamp set, as I have too many for what little I do with them. Chatting with Mary I did decide to purchase the Spots set of 12 in Earth Elements…more earthy tones that will work with the vintage and country stamp sets I have. As she said, you can do alot with one stamp and tons of colors than just one color and tons of stamps.

Life is good, need to get back to my FBS tomorrow…the deck can wait another day, right?


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Read the fine print…

after a terrible fight with row 9 of my FBS, I decided to play with my blog, try to make a button, create a computer character that, maybe looked like me, uh, 20 years ago…

but instead I looked up “templates”, trying to find something new for my blog and I hit the “yes” button and lost all my customized links and buttons.

Needless to say, read the fine print before going crazy with the little mouse. I spent a good three hours on my laptop, which is feeling quiet warm right now, replacing most of all that I had lost.

This ends up not really being a bad thing, other than I’m very hungry, have a Stampin’Up Workshop/Party to go to for Mary (though this just isn’t my thing as much as Mary’s and I feel like a real dope when stampin’ with these very serious “card makin” people. I guess I should take a fifteen minute nap to stay away tonight (up early at 5:30 a.m. is starting to hit me).

Ooooh, little neighbor dogs are in the yard again…gotta run…

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You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you’re craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

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I am going to take part of the Eat Local Challenge in August. The most local will be right out of my garden with green beans, tomatoes, cukes, zucchinni that will be ready for picking (ok, zucchinni is always ready, have gotten some nice, fresh pieces in the past week). I wish there was a local bakery, wouldn’t that be the bomb. I could always try to be a “Julia Child” with my Kitchenaid or the bread machine with “dough” setting.

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Sock Yarn

It seems I always forget to say what yarns I’m using on a project. I couldn’t find the label in the bag, but I know it’s a Regia Ringel sock yarn, self patterning, 70%wool, 23% polyamid & 7% polyester, which I’m sure I purchased up at Weaving Works years and years ago…over 5? I have alot, yes, alot of sock yarn to get through and now that I have the technique down for doing a short row heel maybe I should be making a lot more socks.

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Four repeats of lower basket completed and “lifeline” installed. Whew. Lots of yarn still left in skein no. 1. This will not be my “take to knitty meetup” project. I get lost to easily when I want to chat. More likely to take socks or something I can knit, speak and comprehend all at the same time.

I’ve done short rows, which didn’t seem so short when I made the Big Snugly for a co-workers birthday in June (it must weigh a good 10 plus pounds), but I had never done short rows on a sock heel until I was stalking Knitasm‘s blog. It sounded cool, did I want to start another pair of socks while I had a pair waiting on the sidelines as I took care of my lace obsession? No, I would take those socks waiting on the sidelines, frog a few rows of the started heel (I like to make two at the same time) and try this short row heel. Took me an hour on the first one, having to read directions and re-read directions, then re-read again and uncross my eyes. Whew, got through the first heel, now on to the second. Uh, yeah, the second one took me about 35 minutes, still had to check the instructions a few times, but other than that, I was flying. As you can see in the pic I’m heading towards the toes…yipppeee. Thanks Suzanne, you are a wonder and an inspiration, yeah, you rock!!!

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Ok…so it looks orange. It’s a very deep, darker red, not orange. This is saying something about my camera, obviously I need a new one.

Here it is, the FBS into about 2.5 repeats of lower basket. I will just continue past the 7 repeats as stated in the magazine pattern to use up all the bamboo yarn I have, the bigger the better, right?

Pierce County Fair is coming up, I usually place an item in, this may be the one, if I can get it done before the deadline to turn in.

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