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I have been reading up on Piecework and found a delicious French Bath Mitt to make. Plan on a roadtrip tomorrow after DD#2 dentist appt. for that Rowan No. 28 Knitting Mag (D-Made did the most adorable sheep that I must make.

If I find the cotton yarn I want, I will work on creating a pattern in the same style and see how it turns out. If it turns out well, then I’m thinking what a great summer KAL it would be.

Good knitting to you…


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yes, that is right, knitters of the world, I am officially on “summer break”. Yahoo. May the fun begin. It actually begins in less than half an hour for my “end of the year” massage, one glorious hour of pampering for moi. Now, as long as I don’t fall asleep and stay awake to enjoy it, life will be good.

Yep…I plan to knit tonight…I spent all my energy researching books to get from the library for Rustic Retreats. DH is going to build me a knitting retreat cottage. Now, to find the perfect creation. I’m sure I will get to help in building…as long as I pay for it, he’ll build it. Better not piss him off any time soon.

Good knitting to you….

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no..not the clicking of my knitting needles, but only ONE more day left of work and I’m off until August 15…as long as they don’t strike.

I have lots of blogs I need to read and I have my Noro Silk Garden Shawl I want to finish by June 30th and I don’t even care if it’s midnight when I do get it done. Only two more skeins, that’s not much…so I will make a few hefty, hearty cups of coffee and stay up late, leaving me groggy and disoriented tomorrow…but that’s ok…I have a deadline to make, for myself.

Off to mow, take dd#1 to friends, come home and make spaghetti for the rest of my crew and then knit, knit, knit…..

Good knitting to you…too…

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Well, I finished “Knitting…a novel” by Anne Bartlett. A good book, quick, easy read, but a bit depressing. I worked on my Little Who Scarf while reading it, and it’s looking pretty good, don’t know about the purple in the midst of the fall colors, but screw it…a “pop” of color isn’t gonna hurt anything, right?

Next book on order from library is “Knit one, Kill Two”, murder mystery. Saw it posted as a swap item on the Knitty Coffeeshop, thought I’d give it a go.

Found another book to read, “No Idle Hands – The Social History of American Knitting”. Doubt the library will have that in anytime soon, so will put it on my wish list for a later date.

Decided to work on my Noro Silk Garden shawl, trying to finish it up before my last day of work for the school year (Thursday, 30th of June). Doing the happy dance.

I have tons of wood to finish staining, purchased a pool for the crew to flounder around in and if it decides to warnm up anytime this summer, I’ll be in for a swim (more of a float for a bit of color). Too bad, can’t see me knitting and floating.

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Ok…the Flower Basket Shawl in on break for a day or so, as I work on the Little Who Scarf (a semi version in minature (8 ft instead of 16 ft) of the Dr Who Scarf with bits of my leftover wooly yarns and enjoy reading “Knitting…a novel”. Good book, should be done with it tomorrow or Monday.

Did take an hour to work on my Lesson #2 for my Basics, Basics, Basics class I am taking through TKGA. I really need to get this done so I can get Lesson #3 done and finish the class. I would like to take a few more to help get me preparred for the Master Knitters, which I have been carrying level 1 around with me since last Fall…but not ready to start.

Must get the short ribs in the oven, possibly make the crust for a cherry pie or make cherry cobbler, I’ll decide one I get a cup of coffee in hand.

Good knitting to all…

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47 rows into Lace Shawl…will have to post pattern name and Interweave Issue later. Picked up “Knitting, a novel” from the library yesterday. I cannot seriously knit the lace shawl and read. I can’t even look up away from the shawl or I will totally lose my place.

Soooo, since I want to read this book, and it’s a good book so far, I will have to knit on something that is more of a mindless knitting project. Take left over wool yarns, find Dr. Who scarf pattern and modify it to half the stitches and half the rows per color and whaaalaaa…mindless knitting.

To keep the book open, I am using a piece of wool yarn tied in a bow around the left hand side of the book…working just fine.

Happy knitting to all….

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Red Ragg Baby Hat…quick to finish and outfit completed. Posted by Hello

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