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for DD#1. Now to get her to put it on for a photo. I worked the dishcloth shawl till it covered her shoulders, then added 40 sts on both side for a tie. Completed several, I think 6 or 8 rows and bound off. Whew. Glad that’s done. We’ll see if the shawl makes it back with her the night of the cruise…or will she forget it somewhere?

Started The Big Snugly for co-workers birthday, June 8th. After thinking socks, then shawl, then socks, I decided on The Big Snugly to use up some of my stash that would go well with the pattern and the co-worker. I’m 24 inches away from doing the short rows. Luckily it is a long weekend, so I plan to knit after yard/garden work in the early mornings (before it just get too hot).


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Two in one week…well, finished this one today. The first one was in a Lavendar Denim, this one in Pink Denim. Now to start a shawl for co-workers birthday, June 8th and finish DD#1 black shawl for cruise before she gets on the boat, June 14th.  Posted by Hello

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Well, it took 8 hours over a period of two days to start and finish the baby sweater a co-worker had requested (Sat – Mon of this week). I gave it to her before getting a picture…but…alas, another co-worker saw it and requested one also. Maybe I can manage to get a picture of this second one.

Tonight was the second knitting class. Four ladies total, just makes me so proud to be spreading the knitting gospel. 🙂 The best place to have a network…at work itself.

Next Wednesday day is the last class for May. We will see if there is time for a few in June or …. meet the ladies for coffee, chat and see how their knitting is progressing this summer.

Off to work on dd#1 shawl and watch Lost. I’m ready for the sandman….

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I offered up five days this month to teach our wonderful teachers and other staff at the school where I work how to knit. Two lovely ladies showed up today, needles and yarn in hand. They did a wonderful job and are off to a great start. (I was literally jumping with joy when they caught on so swiftly and happy with glee when they were REALLY feeling they were gonna like this new hobby).

We should always surround ourselves with the things we love, so I choose to surround myself with knitters.

I did manage to get a bit of knitting done last night and plan to get at least a few rows done tonight as well. I have a month to get dd#1’s shawl done. I need to practice my “picking”, maybe it will speed me up.

Happy Knitting to all….

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Mother’s Day

After a very long Saturday of garden work (8 hours plus), I am very, very sore and fear I will not be able to pickup my knitting. Maybe a little more arm movement of coffee-cup lifting will get me limbered up.

I haven’t knit for several days. Bummer. I’m totally off course these past few days or even weeks. I need to get relaxed again to getting back to my knitting.

Tuesday I start giving the first knitting class at school to some of the teachers. Looking forward to creating a new network of knitters. Starting everyone off with the knit stitch and letting them create a scarf.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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29 more getups

Yep, only 29 more school get-ups till the end of this school year. That leaves me 27 more school get-ups to have DD#1 shawl done. After much searching, starting and ripping, I decided to just do the “dishcloth” garter stitch triangle shawl, in the black sport weight but on larger needles (9 or 10) so it will be more drapier. I also wanted something that didn’t require thinking, as my Cozy needs me for that.

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