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Semi Formal Dress $80
Sandals and bag $22
Cruise ticket $40
Dinner $30
Daughter letting mom knit her a shawl for the cruise…PRICELESS.


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Last night dh took the family out for dinner, The Outback. Num. Leftovers for lunch. We came home to watch the Series of Unfortunate Events. Mind you, I was playing around with some mohair type yarn to make a shawl for a co-worker and the awful scenes of reptiles (the ones with out legs) had me loosing my place and concentration. Ripped that out and picked up my Noro shawl to finish the movie.

Today I will knit as we have lots and lots of movies to watch that I ordered from the library. That’s if we ever head out to the mall to see if there is a semi-formal prom dress for dd#1 to wear for the cruise in June. Cha-ching.

Maybe I will go knit whilest I wait for dd#1 to get ready….

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I could have sworn upon waking this morning, it was Friday. Uh, no, it’s only Thursday. My mind must be playing tricks on me due to the early morning wake-up about 1:00 a.m. or so with the thunder rolling off in the distance.

I really need to get working on those socks, but I have just putting along with my Noro shawl. I need to do some serious knitting soon…I need that Cozy done.

The recap of Lost was good. Caught a few scenes I didn’t remember…so next week should be fab.

Off to work…

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obviously not knitting at this moment. Taking a minor break from my Cozy these past few days, need to get back on it as I will be starting a Kiri KAL May 25th. I have a load of fingering weight yarns that I could use up by making the Kiri shawl.

I decided to start a mindless shawl for the baseball games that are starting up, dd#2 is on the team. Toting around my beautiful Noro Silk Garden yarns in purples and greens. Just doing the “dishcloth” pattern of K1, YO, K to end. A great color/piece with my simple black dress for work. I’ll be styling next Fall/Winter.

Offered up a few days in May for a knitting class to some of the teachers at school. This will be fun.

Off to finish dinner..

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The weekend…

I thought I would have gotten a bit more knitting in this weekend. Friday night was filled with potting up new hanging baskets with a variety of geraniums and fuschia to bring more color to the log home. Saturday morning was spent mowing and weed wacking and edging for a manicured lawn and garden area. A bit of time in weed destroy techniques in the garden walking paths, which will need attention every few days until it is under control.

So…this left me with not as much knitting done as I would have liked. I spent an hour on the Cozy, a few rounds on the Bad Penny and two movies later, only a few rows on the socks.

The sun is shining, but the rain came down so heavily last night I seriously doubt I will go wading around the garden, opting for finishing a few more movies from the library and getting my share of knitting in today.

Baking is a must this afternoon, blueberry muffins and chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies for the lunch boxes.

Happy knitting….

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38 more getups…

Only 38 more school day get-ups and the kids are out of school. Ok, this also equates to eight weeks. Leaving me 48 more work get-ups till my summer break.

Produced another 8 rows on my Cozy, it’s now approx. 17″ long. I have a dozen or so movies from the library, so as we try to watch a few, I will work on this project.

Spent some time on knitpicks.com last night, decided to order the Opinionated Knitter though I have parked my cart until this weekend when I can gander at the lace weight yarns for a lacey coverlet by Pure & Simple that I would like to make, possibly in a black or gray.

Off to work….happy knitting to all.

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With the sweater done, wrapped and ready for the shower after the staff meeting tomorrow, I sat down to get a little Cozy again…a whopping 8 rows done while I watched The Secret of Roan Inish with my dd#2. I had seen it before and though I was knitting, watching, and reading subtitles (very Irish accented movie), I did take notice of the caplet the grandmother wore, the Fair Isle Cardigan that Fiona sported, the fisherman sweaters that the men wore. Hmmm. Sounds like a knitter to me. LOL

I may try to take my little Cozy with me to work and see if I can get through a few rows without interruption…I do not like having to frog on this project. My mind is thinking I need to work solely on the Cozy and get it done, leaving the Bad Penny KAL to sit for a week or so.

The sandman is stopping by now…getting a bit sleepy…

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